BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Personal OKR Review – 05/2021

Only a bit delayed … It’s getting warmer and I feel a bit less out of energy. Unfortunately it doesn’t really show yet in my personal progress … Made the biggest jump here. Reason was the one proper vacation I enjoyed without working. Well, almost at least, only worked 17% of the time. Work wise, I’m still in the minus – of progress. Further progress here, by...

Personal OKR Review – 04/2021

The end of April got me a bit by surprise and I don’t really know, where the month went. I was really hoping to make a bit more progress, but okay … Weight-wise, I’m not just back to square one, I even a bit behind. This gets really annoying. Actually this week my move will be officially done, could not get an appointment earlier for the notification of change of address. I hope...

Personal OKR Review – 03/2021

Here we are again with the monthly Personal OKR Review. Let’s see, what changed. I even decreased my former progress here, as I re-gained the little weight I lost. Frustrating. The move is still not completely done, with everything I had on my list around it, but almost. Rest is pretty dormant at the moment. Still no progress at all. Still basically only reading progress. Still no progress...

ReduzierBen – Week #198

I was not good this week and I paid the price – slightly increased to 121.6 – even though I reduced the fat content a bit. It’s frustrating. Can’t say much more at the moment, as I’m pissed at myself.

Kilo : 121.6 | FAT : 34.7 | BMI : 35.5

Personal OKR Review – 02/2021

Like the years before, I also planned to work on my personal OKR’s in 2020 but then, well, you know what happened … This something still keeps us busy but I still want to give it a try but this year, with a twist. Like described in the textbooks, I always defined quarterly OKRs for myself, like we also do it in my company. And I always wanted way too much, ambitious sure, more like...

ReduzierBen – Week #197

Unfortunately, the positive trend stopped already this week. Okay, jut 0,1 kilo more and if I would have weight myself a bit later, it would have been a tie for sure, but doesn’t matter. I’m a bit pissed by that. But okay, next week I’m on vacation, it’s getting warmer so I will try some sport. I know already, it will end in a disaster but it will be a start. then I go...

ReduzierBen – Week #196

The positive trend continues, 2.4 kilo less in one week. I also couldn’t bring myself to make sport outside this week, but I’m getting better at making my home exercise a daily habit again. Not quite daily yet, but getting there. I think I also missed one or two meals, but I hope that was not all. Now I have to be careful. Had some sweets the last days so I need to show some extra...

ReduzierBen – Week #195

I had to pause the last week, mainly because my I could not find my scale after the move but also because I did not had internet yet back. First time since some weeks I lost some grams, almost a kilo. I don’t really perceive this as a real result, but I still want to build up on it and not just prove it next week, but getting below it. The game is on!

Kilo : 123.6 | FAT : 36.9 | BMI : 36.1

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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