BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


ReduzierBen – Week #193

Pretty pissed to be forced to report that I not just haven’t lost weight, I even gained weight. Sure, not much, but still. I’m disappointed. Seven more weeks to loose 5 kilo, 5,3 to be precise …

Kilo : 124.3 | FAT : 36.7 | BMI : 36.2

ReduzierBen – Week #192

Nothing new, still 124 kilo. That’s really bitter. Still no sports, but I again behaved, third week in a row and now progress. But at least I stopped the upwards trend, to say something positive …

I want minus five kilo by Week #200. So, here we go.

Kilo : 124.0 | FAT : 36.7 | BMI : 36.2

ReduzierBen – Week #191

I again did not manage to do any kind of sport really. Still I was hoping and actually expecting some kind of movement as I behaved better than the last weeks and months this week but no. Best I could do was a tie. That’s disappointing. So it must happen next week.

Kilo : 124.0 | FAT : 36.5 | BMI : 36.2

ReduzierBen – Week #190

Last entry of this kind was almost exactly one year ago. As I mentioned I have almost all of the data from this year, but not sure yet if I will enter them subsequently. Since then, a lot has happened, but nothing good I fear. I ended 2019 with around 112 kilo, today my scale told me that I started 2021 with 124 kilo. So 12 kilo more. That’s a lot and pretty grim. Not the fattest I’ve...

Insight : Low Writing Energy

I still don’t feel to have the right energy to write or actively deal with politics again. What happens around me, depresses me, saddens me. Back then, at least writing about it, was some kind of outlet. Not that something would change, if I would write about it. But maybe it would help myself to get a grip on what’s going on. To also finally find my personal way to do something. In...

Insight : Brainwork

I think most feelings I don’t handle well, would not such a big problem, if I’d take the time to analyse where these feelings are actually coming from, why I think the thinks that I do. Sometimes, I think my brain or heart or soul is lazy: taking the easiest way out, which is feeling bad, while it would just need some active thinking (brainwork you know) to get to a better place. Then...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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