BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

Version 3.0.2

So it was then a little more than just adapting CSS. I have just spent hours trying to find a new, pretty WordPress theme that appeals to me. I do not really want to know how many hours I’ve spent on it. I am a very visual person who needs to feel comfortable with what he is doing. Nevertheless, I would like to be more pragmatic here.

Actually, I was looking for something very simple, something that puts the lyrics in the foreground, because this should not really be a visual blog. Then I got stuck with this theme. It is simple, simple but sophisticated and shines with many little details which I like very much. Let’s see if I still like it in a few days, then I will personalize it a bit more.

P.S. I first kept the lady with the poodle …

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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