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The Corona Chronicles – Day 9

or: It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Corona-Hero!

There was a Thursday right? Yes, there was a Thursday. Days are losing their meaning, even more than usual. But some things, I remember.


I think it was Thursday, or Wednesday when the parliament gave standing ovations for all of the now system relevant people, doctors, caretakers, nurses, cashiers, police and so on … That’s a nice gesture and politics lives of symbols of course, but that can’t be all. First, all of these people literally risking their life at the moment so we can go on with ours, needs a big, fat bonus. But way more important, we need to shift our priorities drastically. In the past, we have been cool with the fact that broker, big bosses and so on make a lot of money because hey, they are talented, have a lot of responsibility, right? Look who now basically has a whole country on their shoulders. All of these professional groups need a better standing in the society, paid better, have better career opportunities and they need to have a stronger voice in politics. It hurst me to say that, but jobs like mine are not as important right now, same goes for the people assemble luxury cars or whatnot. And that’s not bashing, I love what I do and I want to keep doing it. It’s about balance and what is fair. Why are we making so much more money, than a nurse for example? Yes, I know the answer I’m not that stupid. But this answer can’t be good enough anymore. We need to overcome this.

These days we hear and read a lot about heroes of the daily life or Corona Heros. I always had my problem with that term. Hero is fantasy or science fiction for me. I do understand of course that there are a lot of people that do things, which are extremely selfless – risking their life to save others. Be it a firefighter, police women or man or whatnot. There is most likely no better term, I just don’t like it, but that’s actually not important. While the best thing I do right now is just to stay the fuck home, do nothing, they risk their life, Corona or not. These are people, which are so damn good, putting daily others before their own well being. You can just respect that and always hope, that there are enough of these people. That Gutmensch (a good person) actually became an invective in the last years, tells us something about the state of our society. Thanks again to all of the “Besorgten Bürger” (Nazis) among us … Anyway, we need to focus more on these people and less on those which are super successful at this or that. I’m not a bad person I think, but I’m not as good as these people, that becomes very clear to me these days. Not really, I know that already since a while …


Speaking of, it’s been a while since I read or heard anything about our lovely fascist from the AfD. I don’t believe that they stopped producing content, it’s just that no one cares right now. I think that’s very relaxing actually. These days, the media is more talking to scientists, those politicians which are actually making decisions at the moment. People that can contribute something useful to the situation, and that’s not these right-wing assholes. Funny thing is – also when there is no pandemic going on, fascists have nothing valuable to contribute to any situation or problem. Why do we need a deadly virus, to realise that these people have actually nothing positive or constructive to add? I read something wonderful: “As a
society you have to be able to afford something like the AfD”
– we just can’t afford these people right now. And we don’t miss them. I don’t have the feeling that this debate or problem is lacking the input of fascist. I do hope that we realise that despite hate and racism, that these people have nothing to add, nothing to say and that we don’t need to give them a stage all the time, as we do since years now. Waisted years. They are not important, yesterdays news, no one needs them.

I will use Fridays retrospective to look a bit abroad, checking the situation in the USA, which becomes scarier by the day. Besides the growing emergency packages by our government, the G20 are now discussing to invest 4,5 billion euro to fight the aftermath for Corona. Amazing, that if we must, we can invest unimaginable sums. Not of course to safe people from drowning in the Mediterranean – that’s to expensive. We really, really need to readjust our priorities. This can’t wait anymore.


No Corona related update about the company. I mean yes, we also see the effects of it, need to adjust, take measurements to fight the severe consequences of this crisis. The goal is always to get out of it stronger, than you entered it. That’s what we try. I’m willing to contribute my little part to make it work, although I’m not happy with every decision at the moment. Most important for me, things move. I have a hard time endure stagnation. Coffee Break dates are ongoing, I try to schedule 3-4 per week now, let’s see.


I stay in my pothole for a while I think. Not because I like it, but I don’t have a better idea at the moment. I might need some days to figure this out. Two things actually that occupy me the most at the moment. Couldn’t be more different from each other, but both are extremely important to me. I need to take some hours over the weekend to make both things work again.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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