BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 8

Or: Live long and prosper!

Wednesday the pothole got deeper. I’m in a bad mood since then, hence the delay …


Wednesday I had the following thought – which grandiose achievements we might keep after the Corona crisis is over? I’m thinking about:

  • Being nice to each other
  • Invest more money in social causes
  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Looking out for each other
  • Invest less money in death and destruction but the opposite
  • Becoming more digital
  • Share art and stuff for free via the internet
  • Travel less
  • Listening much more less to rightwing idiots / not giving them such a platform

And YES – all of this is possible and useful despite a deadly virus and sure it happened before on a much smaller scale. But it seems, some things now became a thing which should be quite normal actually. I really wonder, if this crisis can trigger a better, more intelligent and care-taking society. I mean, looking at the empty toilet paper shelves producing a shortage pure out of some weird pooping-panic shows me every day, that at least a huge part of this society is just plainly stupid but then again … I’m a Star Trek fan and I still want to experience at least the first baby steps towards such a society. And people call me a pessimist …

Another thing I observed and that made me kinda sad: comedians. Most of them are out of work at the moment. Some, still try to produce some content. What now happens is, that the usual TV formats that still try to live some how, producing patchwork episodes, bits and pieces made from homemade videos without any audience. These people look sad. They should make us laugh, but that’s the thing – if they can’t, if they don’t see any reaction, they don’t get what they need, to be funny in the first place. What a vicious cycle. Comedy for me, is an art form. I very often use humour to process things, to hide things, to explain (also to myself) things. Without my humour, I would not exist anymore – I’m pretty sure about that. Making others laugh while you feel completely worthless yourself, is some kind of art or at least a gift. Or a curse, I don’t know. I feel for these people, those of course that do, what they do, because they can’t do anything else. I hope they will survive. If one thing, we need humour in these times …


I think Wednesday it was, when the big emergency packages was signed off in the parliament. I think we now make around 160 billion Euro new debt, half of our federal budget. A country like Germany has no problem whatsoever getting any kind of money we need. I do hope, we will spent this money also wisely. Saving not just companies, the status quo, but use the chance to steer things into the right direction. But I have a hunch, that this will again not be the case. Cause there is no time for that, right now. Speaking of time, isn’t it interesting how fast politics can be, when they need to be? Democracy is a time consuming thing of course, you want to make sure that those voices that needs to be heard (in terms of institutions) are heard and have a right to formulate their opinion. But still. It seems, a bit more speed would be totally possible. But we always just can do that, when there is a crisis. It’s a shame I think.


No update really here. Internal discussion, triggered by this stupid virus. Besides that, I started scheduling coffee breaks with people I don’t really engage with anymore. That’s a good thing, I think and I need to force myself to keep doing so.


Personally I’m not so good at the moment. Besides some work related stuff that bothers me, I just can’t establish doing something else than work. Work comes easy to me, which doesn’t mean I do a lot of extra hours at the moment. At least not this week, I’m pretty balanced. But besides some sport, taking a walk every day, I don’t do anything else. That’s not healthy and my mood darkens day by day now. A trend I have to reverse, just not sure how …

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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