BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 5

or: On the shoulders of giants


Friday morning I was finally able to buy some toilet paper – seriously, what is wrong with people? Some people that is. I do understand if people panic, really I do. It is human I guess, we all cope with situations differently. But creating a shortage of some goods where none has to be – why are people doing that? I tried for eight days in around 15 shops. It is ridiculous. And of all things toilet paper? I could understand if meat is out or beer – in France rubbers and wine is out – that makes sense but toilet paper? I was relaxed the first days, cause I thought “Well okay, the preper are are buying everything but then they are done right? No, it’s still going on. It is a shame how some people behave, making something which isn’t easy unnecessary harder. Same thing with the masks – keep them for those who need them for fucks sacke. It is not that hard. Again, some how I want to have understanding for those who are scared but then again, this is not how society works. Should work. Having a functional society should not be that hard. All you have to do is not being a complete asshole. You must not even be as good as many people proof to be not just in this crisis. Just don’t be an asshole and we would have world peace already. Jesus …


Friday we got the first curfew in two district countries, over the WE the government comes together to discuss the status quo and most likely agree on further actions. (They did, but more on that in todays report …). While I see the necessity, I also wonder … We all have maybe some critical voices we listen to, especially when we’re unsure about something. For me one of those is Jakob Augstein. While more or less every journalist seems to be fine with whatever measurement our government imposes, he starts to questioning if this is the right way. Or at least, why there is almost no discussion. Fair point I think. The reason will be, we all have no clue, we just want it to be over and so it seems most of us are willing to endure, whatever it takes. But isn’t that interesting that this is not true for climate change for example? Sure, this thread is more direct, faster, imminent. But it’s kinda scary how easy it is to get our most basic rights removed without even discussing it. It happens now out of good reasons, but still that’s kind totalitarianism I’m not sure, if a party like AfD would rule this country, what they could impose on us under some false pretext. Living in a democracy, I have trust that these measurements are removed again, once it’s safe. And I want trust my government but a bit more lively discussion, some more critical voices that get heard, could not hurt I guess. Of course I have no better idea, but I read South Korea was very successfully fighting this virus without such drastic actions. I mean drastic … for me personally it’s fine, but I also don’t have two kids to taken care of in a tiny flat. I’m just thinking, maybe the German way is not the best one and we should discuss other views at least a bit. It always scares me when people are so uniform without questioning things at all.


Not much to say about the company. It all runs its way I guess. We had some virtual after hour drinking Friday night and I realised, I don’t digest Tequila so well anymore, at least not a bottle of it. These virtual hangouts work quite well I’d say. Not for too many people obviously, but like five is not a big problem and it’s quite entertaining. I think these aspects are important, giving some comfort, drinking or not. It’s the fact that you come together and discuss something outside of work. Put’s a human face on an unhuman situation.


First week is over and I feel quite okay. The week started actually quite good, declined a bit but not too hard. As long as I’m still allowed to go our for a run, can at least meet one person for a walk, I can do this for some weeks. In fact, first week felt like I usually make vacation when I’m home, just with more meetings. I realise – but that’s also not new – that work comes easy to me, but doing something else besides sport and sleeping is a big challenge. I need to incorporate some other things, some routines. This is as written before a general thing, not just a Corona thing but now it’s more important than ever, I think. I’m eying on some of the writing projects I put on hold for too long. Again, I can’t decide with what to start, which has the potential to actually become a complete draft at least. I don’t know. I should think about it the next days and make a call. It’s not like I don’t know what to do, more the opposite. I just don’t know what could really keep me interested and busy besides work for good now …

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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