BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 4

or: Who you gonna call?


It is interesting to see which professions are system relevant all of a sudden. It’s not the anchorman, the broker or football player – a society can just do fine without them actually – not it’s the nurses, the cashiers, teachers and caregiver. Okay, to be fair – as I’m also a big fan of digitalisation – cashiers won’t be a thing anymore in a few years. In Germany of course, as we’re not a big fan of everything digital, but in the rest of the world they don’t. Not that I root for that, it’s just a reality I think. What is interesting – all of a sudden we can pay by card. Cashless. Just like that. Can we please keep that after the crisis is over? No one needs cash. And for the cashiers, not just for now, I want everyone doing a decent job to be paid fair and treated with respect, not just in time of crisis. Can’t be that hard. And again a reminder, the people we’re now applauding for their thoughtful politics (that seems to be the general view, that our government manages this situation quite well) are the very same that create the biggest low wage sector in the EU in this country. Yes, that was the SPD, not Merkels CDU but they agreed to that – in fact if it would be up for them, all of that would have been much worse. Anyway … I enjoy the inspiring stuff which is going on in the internet, concerts for free, people that do stuff to keep others entertained. Actually, I don’t watch any of these cause I’m me, but I think it’s cool that this is happening. For people that are not me, which is quite a lot I guess. Now that more and more celebrities are infected, it seems this becomes more real for a lot of people. Politics might not reach them anymore, but when their star is affected and tells them to stay the fuck home, it might have an effect. Everything that works, right?!


I now heard that the erliest date we can expect to see if the lockdown shows any effect will be March 30th. Makes sense of course, as we’re always behind with the actual results. That’s still some time to go. I have to admit, at the beginning I thought we’re doing this for two weeks for all employees so that the leadership returns to office and after another two weeks for the rest. How naive. We learn day by day, aren’t we? This will take some weeks and months. At least the whole April I guess …


It first time crossed my mind that this crisis has the potential to cost me my job. Speaking about system relevant jobs – I don’t have such job of course. Never did. I love my job, but I also know it’s not really important, at least not on a bigger scale. I’d say that’s true for a lot of us and that’s okay. It is about awareness. I work in a group which is pretty diverse. Some business suffer already, others still thrive. While my part in this big machine is purely digital, my job is useless if the products I kinda work for, are not produced anymore. The group is big and strong, but it will also collapse if this thing takes too long. I’m not scared yet, just aware that nothing ever really is safe.


I hardly engage with social media anymore or the news that is. I easily get bored by monothematics. When one topic is dominating, I tune out. I listen to some news in the morning, maybe the afternoon but that’s it. I mean, it’s always the same. It only gets worse, before it will get better. The only question right now really is, are we able to stretch this thing long enough, that the most of us can be treated when they are having severe symptoms or will be people die because we don’t have the means anymore to treat them in the first place? That’s the situation in other countries already and I really hope, it will not come to this here. I’m not panicking, but some around me slowly do, I think. Reading every little bit of information. I don’t blame them, but I can’t do that.

Apropos panic – toilet paper. Thursday I was again out of luck, hunting for toilet paper for one week, but more about that tomorrow. Well, you know …

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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