BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 29

Or: Stupidity talks, vanity acts


Besides a new color, the week starts with some protest. After the lift of some of the restrictions and as we are allowed to protest again, some do. In general, I’m not just fine with any kind of protest but I do think this is what defines a democracy. Being free, means being able to also being against certain things. So the people attending the “Hygiene” demo last weekend in Berlin only exercise their rights, guaranteed by our constitution, which is not called constitution because of, oh well, doesn’t matter …

Just because I value freedom, doesn’t mean of course I agree with these people. The protestors haven’t been as … well, how to put this politely … utterly stupid as the people protesting sanity in the USA, but they are close. Protesting against these drastic measurements is one thing, questioning things is healthy I think, but why does this always has to end in conspiracy theories and in the end right wing agendas? Isn’t it possible to be against something without being a stupid, rightwing asshole? Is that really so hard?

Monday it was reported that the reproduction number which was at 0,7 last week is up to 1.0 again. I think Chancellor Merkel explained in a press conference what a number of 1,2 or 1,5 and so on means in terms of capacity for our health system. I think with 1,2 it would collapse or being at the limit in June. So maybe, that’s not a good idea.


This is not really a political topic, but in the end it maybe is. It seems that in every country which takes the crisis kinda serious, there is at least one virologist which becomes kind of a celebrity. In Germany that’s Christian Drosten. Besides being one of the consultants for our government, he was one of the first explaining what is going on in regular formats, be it interviews, his own podcast or articles. He is a man of science. Scientists works like this: it explains things to their best knowledge, they formulate theories, test, learn and correct the things they did not know before again to their best knowledge. Other than for example religion they don’t stick to things which re proven wrong, but they correct their views all the time. So does he. What he also does is formulating opinions, by emphasizing that he is not the one making the rules, but from his expertise he would recommend doing this or that. Sometimes politics listen to that, sometimes not. Mister Drosten became kinda famous, many people joke they wanna have his child and so on. Kinda cute. Now he said, he receives death threats. In this age, unfortunately, thats not so uncommon. Many people which commit themselves to a certain cause are threatened, especially women. Most of these poor creatures are only pathetic cowards, but if only 0,1% mean what they say, write, thats already enough and sadly, it happens again and again that some put their words into action.

These death threats against Mister Drosten kept me wondering. Besides being an asshole, what’s the goal here? Scare people yes, but what he states is not just an opinion, he states the current state of science. What do they want to achieve by threatening him or kill him – kill science with him? What’s the endgame here? And again the question, why are people so stupid, where is all of this ignorance and stupidity coming from? I mean, a global crisis and global stupidity, great combination. I might be governed by conservatives and that has many downsides, but at least these people are not utterly stupid and kind of reasonable.

Why mentioning this here in the first place? Because I hope – and not just in this case – that these people will be found and brought to justice and I hope politics will increase the punishment here. It can’t be “Oh, you threaten this person to kill her / him, that’s not nice, please pay 500€” anymore. Punishment needs to be way more severe I think. It’s easy to threaten another person, getting away with it can’t be equally easy.


Preparations are starting to get back to office at some point. Most likely in some kind of rotating system, but nothing concrete yet. As stated before, I’m not in a hurry actually. Sure, I’d like to see people again, having a beer in real life after hours but that we won’t do for another couple of weeks anyway. Working works fine for me from home, it’s efficient most of the time and for sure as hell, I’m a creature of habits and got used to it. Abnormal is the new reality somehow.


I bought my first masks, disposables that is. I should have bought ones you can wear again and again. Invested quite some money for that but if it helps, that’s fine.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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