BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 26

Or: The stable genius with absolute authority and zero responsibility

Wednesday is a blur actually. Wednesday is always meeting day, so I’m quite busy anyway. I can’t even remember if I did something else …


Was it Wednesday when Trump said, it might be a good idea to drink, or better inject disinfectants? He will later say, that was just sarcasms, but as usual the most stupid under his followers tried it out and ended up in hospitals. This man is dangerous but my point here is – why are people so stupid actually? That’s fanatism, isn’t it? Reality get’s completely ignored, it only counts what the big orange guy said, no matter how stupid, evil or ridiculous. And those you criticise them, are anti-democrats, against freedom and actually they belong behind bars. It’s almost like criticising god. I’m getting nauseous when I see things like that.


Wednesday I heard a comment about the EU, that made me sad cause I think, it’s kinda true: The EU is useless. Putting shortly aside how unwilling most of the EU is to deal with the refugees in an emphatic and, well, human way – we also have been unable to find aligned measurements against Corona so far. Who deals with the crisis at the moment? The states, not the EU. Each country finds their own measurements, defines their own actions. There is little to none alignment. Sure, we’re talking about money, the right or wrong way to throw money at our economies, but it’s not really a community that acts together, isn’t it? I don’t only think the EU is a beautiful idea, after two world wars, millions of victims, the EU was an absolute necessity. It hurts me even more to see in what desolate state this project is. Yet alone calling it project – the defining parameter of a project is, that it ends at some point. I don’t want the EU to end, I want it to evolve. I want that from here, we bring peace into the world, equality, social standards, justice and stability. The lust for future and evolution. The reality is that we let people drown just to make a point. I’m deeply concerned about the EU and I fear what might happen, when this construct collapses for good.

I think Wednesday also the first trial for a vaccine was kicked off. In Germany that is. It will take months of course, most likely one year until we have something. There are multiple studies of course, let’s see who will be first. Some more positive prognosis say we might have something before the end of the year.

Until then, we also can forget our summer vacation – that’s also something our foreign minister said today. No problem for me, I have difficulties with vacation anyways and I don’t really like travelling. Being somewhere else – lovely, but getting there, flying and so on, it’s just super annoying and stressful. But for many, that’s the most important thing in the world, so they are pissed. Well, I get it (maybe, a little bit) but it is, what it is and you can survive not travelling one year. Don’t make such a big fuss, check your privileges and get your shit together. No one ever died from not travelling.


Nothing to report actually …


Similar. I’m quite under pressure, extracting gazillions of thoughts from my mind into various presentations, frameworks, white papers. I lack the productive time to do so, but getting too tired in the afternoon to do it after hours. If it would be possible to buy some energy, motivation in a bottle, I would be a junkie by now. I try to get my shit together, but also feel it’s time for some vacation. But as always, the time doesn’t seem right and not so much because of Corona. More because of certain developments which should be done first. But as these things are never really done, there doesn’t seem to be a good time actually. Ever. Next week, I need to check and just take one week off soon.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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