BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 25

Or: Mia san mia.

Wow, this week went by pretty fast. Not sure what happened actually. It’s kind of redundant to post the impressions from the last days, but I made notes and it’s not like that my OCD leaves me with another choice, so here we go …


The reproduction number (R) is up again to 0,9 – everything under 1 is good, that was our goal but we had been at 0,7 already. I’m really curious where we are in two weeks. I have no high hopes actually.

Not sure it was Tuesday, but during the week the mask obligation for most of Germany from next week on was announced. In Berlin, the masks will be only mandatory for public transportation. Also there will be no control or fines (yet), the government counts on the common sense of the citizens – well, good luck with that. I don’t use the public transportation at the moment at all, but will look out for masks if I can get them easily. Although the use is still not really proven, it mostly does not do any harm, so what the hell.


Politic made some tough, yet not surprising calls. The Oktoberfest in Munich will be cancelled, as well as the Berlin Marathon. The organiser of the Berlin Marathon reacted surprised and stated, they are really amazed by this decision. Really? Where have they been the last weeks and months? How can you be surprised by this?

I was never at the Oktoberfest, although I like to drink from time to time, I just don’t think that’s my thing. Too many people, too much “tradition” and bad stuff that happens, but gets ignored because hey – its tradition and Mia san mia. I heard that the Oktoberfest generates a revenue from around 2 Billion Euros, not just for Munich, but including everything for the whole of Bavaria. That’s a lot of money and tough to loose it, but still the right call of course.


Some of us want to go back to the office as soon as possible, some are maybe developing at least a mild from of cabin fever, I guess the majority got use to the situation by now. In the end, humans are creatures of habits. We are not good with changes, but once it happened, we get used to it pretty fast, I guess. Of course, written by a person which never maintained an extremely social or extravagant life, so that can be only as true.


I might be a bit depressed because I actually don’t do or achieve all of these great things everything else seems to achieve. All of the tutorials, languages, creative things they bring to life … I work and I do some sport. Besides that, I’m busy mostly with not completely falling apart. I’m used to the situation yes, I don’t really suffer, not more than usual at least but I’m also not a high performer at the moment. Not outside of my job at least.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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