BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 24

Or: The greatness of German humour

Week VI starts with a new color, kinda purple-blueish and that describes the mood not too bad I guess …


Yesterday was the big day, the partly lift for the lockdown. Many shops have been allowed to open up again, following strict hygiene rules and not if they exceed a certain size. Not sure what the later should bring, but okay. I did not go out for shopping, only grocery shopping which I do per my normal rhythm more or less every day. That’s a risk too of course, but I don’t need to increase it, by spending my day in crowded malls. As I wasn’t out on my own, I can’t tell how it was going in Berlin or the whole republic. I did read about some escalations here and there though, malls that because it was so crowded could not keep up with the hygiene rules. Thats a shocker. As stated before, I think it’s just too soon. It’s calculated I guess. Somehow, you need more infections, and as long as we have enough capacity – and we do right now – you can risk to get more people infected. But then again, it will be a damn long way until 60-70% of our population caught the virus and if we loose just 0,5% on the way, that’s 240.000 dead people with only 60% – who wants that?

At the moment we have more recoveries than new infections – that’s great and I really hope I can write the same in one week but I’m not so optimistic. But I’d like to be wrong about this.

An amazing thing happened yesterday, first the price for one barrel of oil kept dropping until it reached a negative value. I did not even know that this was possible. When did that happened the last time? Again, it’s amazing how brittle economies are actually. The only good thing though – this year should do some good on the topic on climate change. A success bought dearly.


Denmark now decided that companies which have their headquarter located in so called tax havens, will not get any support during the crisis – BÄM! Companies which get more than 8 million Euros and don’t pay them back, are not allowed to give out any dividend in 2020 and 2021. Sounds very reasonable to me, nothing like that is even discussed in Germany. And if you ask why, why countries like Denmark can do such things, the answer is always “because they are small” – what the hell has size to do with making fair und useful laws? I will never get this.

Speaking of not getting something, Bavaria now makes masks mandatory – other districts will follow for sure timely. I already read that Berlin is discussing it. I’m fine with it as I said before, but I will not make them on my own. So someone needs to tell me, where to get them without creating a shortage for those in actual need.

And just because it’s funny – after nine years of delays and thousands of “bugs”, it seems that our new airport BER will now open as planned. In a time when the last thing we need is a new airport. That will be over of course at some point, but the timing couldn’t be funnier actually. And they say, Germans don’t have any humour.


Yesterday we had a very interesting meeting and it’s fascinating to see how different our re-organisation is understood and interpreted. I was pretty pleased with this meeting, as it was designed to make the things obvious which are not working at the moment. That’s how agile and iterative approaches work. It’s fun, even though exhausting from time to time.


I’m busy as stated before, noting new there and I like it but I miss some productive time. In the evening my energy goes down rapidly. That bothers me, cause I don’t know how to make up the time I’d need … For sure these are not boring times. It’s getting more intense from week to week I feel. And I feel, I maybe should take some days anytime soon …

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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