BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 23

Or: 80 Million experts


I’m so happy to live among Germans. Why? Because we have around 80 million experts in this country. For everything, just ask. We know it better. After we all have been the best international football trainer, president, chief of construction for the BER and so much more, we now have 80 million virologist in this country which all know everything better than the actual people being virologist. How sad must the other countries feel, which don’t have so many experts. We even have experts for being experts. It’s so good. There are many good people on this planet, but for sure the Germans are the smartest and most qualified ones – in basically every domain. If god exist, she must have at least have German ancestors.

I’m only being a little bit sarcastic here. Boy, how stupid can people be? I mean no one really has a clue. Let’s be happy that there a some people that know what they are talking about or tat least having the tools, to adapt, quickly learn and understand the things we can’t. Let’s keep a critical mind, don’t say yes to everything without questioning things but als accept that the real experts most likely can asses these situations better than I do as I have no clue about these things.

In other news, another good development of this week was that we now have more recoveries than deaths per day – that’s really a good thing. I hope we can keep this up and don’t fuck it up with the lift of the lockdown next week.


The Junge Union (Young Union) – the youth organisation of CDU/CSU proposed to make the Corona tracking app mandatory – so just install them on every device, if I agree or not. First of all, I would be a bit shocked if the government could just do such stuff and second of all – hell no?! It’s interesting: when the green party proposed a mandatory vegi day for public canteens, they have been the loudest, criticising them as eco-dictators and much worse things. How does the conservatives constantly manage to disparage others as ideologist and totally ignore their own ideology? These people are really dangerous. I might install this app in the end, on the other hand, I’m just not so much around, I don’t think I’m the interesting target group here. But if I do so or not must be my decision in a free society. Yes, we have a crisis and I’m willing to endure some restrictions to my freedom, but I’m for sure as hell not willing to give up the basic principals of a free society.


Friday we had some virtual after hour drinks again. Something we did not do too often to be honest so far. It’s not the same of course as being together in real life, but with some people it can be fun. I think we have been at it until midnight or something like that. I was quite tipsy at the end. A nice ending for an interesting week.


Nothing really to add from yesterdays entry. Looking forward for a busy weekend, followed by an even more busy week I guess.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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