BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 22

Or: If typos are God’s way of keeping a writer humble, plot holes certainly keeps one on their knees

Monday knocks at the door already – my favourite day I guess (I’m the Anti-Garfield) but I still owe myself last Thursday and Friday so here we go.


Besides a lot of typos (Jesus …), the entry for Wednesday contained a wrong number, which is quite important: the reproduction number is already below 1, I think it was Wednesday when it was quantified with 0,7 – so thats a pretty good success. One infected person infects – in average – less than one persons. As Merkel called it, a brittle success we must keep up. Why we then in the light of this, opening up many stores already again, doesn’t really resonate with me. I mean shops and stores is one thing – I still can decide on my own if I go there or not – but we’re also opening up schools again and the A level graduates are forced to take their finals while others say, just scrap them and give them the A level based in their average achievements. Sounds good to me to be honest. I mean, your education should be more than just the finals, but Germany is a performance society of course …

I really don’t feel too good with the lift of the lockdown. Again, I decide on my own if I need to go shopping in crowded malls again and spoiler – I won’t (besides normal grocery shopping) – but the majority might act differently. It’s all a huge experiment actually. There is a lot we can learn about human beings and how societies are working.


It’s discussed if we are making wearing masks mandatory now – at least while being shopping. As stated before, I have nothing against it but then I need to be supplied with them or at least, one needs to let me know where to buy them (without producing a shortages for those in need actually). So making things mandatory and then tell the people “And see on your own how you get along” doesn’t really work I guess.

Besides that I’d just like to mention again that I really enjoy seeing mostly scientist being heard and interviewed while no one really cares about the fascists anymore. The AfD is under 10% now and that’s just nice. Still, 9% too much but I enjoy it. One the other hand, the Union (the conservative parties) are at a new high. I know since some years already that this is a deeply conservative country, but it does shock me again and again how deep this is part of who we are. If we would be asked, the majority would most likely grand Merkel a fifth term right now in an eye-blink. Horrible thought. I wonder, how old must I get so see a progressive government in my country again … sigh


Thursday was bad internet connection day. Several colleagues had problems and that was quite annoying actually. In general, it seems to work fine, but there seems to be some peeks from time to time. Thursday I had the pleasure to give a little presentation for I think around 100 colleagues from different companies around the globe. That really works well. I mean, that would have been online without Corona as well, but we would have been in the company normally and all of these formats, especially the all hands works so much better online. I really enjoy this.


I start to make some progress languages wise. I mean, really tiny baby steps. I’m still working on the intro for Spanish, but some words get stuck now and this is fun. I only invest like 10 minutes per day so far, but that’s on purpose. I don’t want to overdo it, add gazillions of new routines which I can’t hold up with, so I do it in many little steps. Important thing is to move I guess. Get my brain busy with some new things. My mood is fine I’d say, no big obstacles. I have a lot to do, which is good, but I have too many meetings and not enough productive time. That’s not good. I need to prepare a lot of stuff and can’t really make the time (within the normal working hours that is). But also this is nothing new and not connected to Corona at all. No, I’m good so far I’d say.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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