BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 21

Or: Very stable genius

It happened, I started to loose count which day we actually have, because it seems it doesn’t matter so much anymore. Yesterday was Wednesday my calendar says, so here we go …


So, yesterday was the big day: our government aligned on the first steps for a slow exit from the current measurements in close alignment with the district countries. The later one is extremely important, as Germany is a federalist country. After the infection rate slowed down on a rather high niveau, they thing that’s good enough to slowly get the economy started again. Parts of it that is, it’s not like nothing was happening the last weeks. From next Monday on many stores will be open again under very strict rules such as hygiene and even size. Bars, cinemas and so on are kept close, bigger events are forbidden until end of August.

Of course, at some point you need to start some kind of normality again. If we would keep doing this until this virus is beaten, no economy would be around anymore I guess. Also, the goal was never really to keep the majority from us to get infected, but to slow it down so our health system can keep up. Currently the infection rate in Germany is around 1,2, so one person infects 1,2 to other persons if I understood this correctly. Goal is to get it under 1. It slows down, but very slow, hence the high niveau. I must say, personally I think it’s too soon to lift the lockdown. I mean sure, you have to do it at some point, but I’m pretty sure the infection rate will increase again. We will not be able to just sit this out, but honestly I feel prolonging the current actions until end of May sounds more reasonable to me. And I don’t say this because I’m scared, I will keep doing what I do now (or not that is), so I don’t really see myself in danger or that I put others in danger, but in general …

We are all clueless actually. We only can try, fail fast and adapt I guess. There is no template. But let’s be cautious. We can rebuild an economy, but I’m really not anxious seeing millions suffer and die. Again, I did not engage with the news too much (I just can’t anymore), but from the little I heard, there is not too much critic. I mean, what is highly discussed is how to proceed with schools, nurseries and so on but this is still going on from what I hear. It is easy to criticise politicians, I do all the time and also quite right so. But I also don’t envy them. They hardly can make the right choices right now, either it’s too loose or too strict, too early or too soon. Like always, we will only know what would have been right, when all this is over, in a couple of years when all the longterm studies and stuff is done. Let’s just hope, most of us will be there to then get angry if you catch my drift.


In other political news, let’s talk a bit about Trump. Where to start. Maybe just two statements:

  1. The government is sending out the first supporting cheque – or the federal post office (?) wanted to, but actually this was or will be delayed because Trump demanded to add his printed signature on each cheque as he would personally give his people the money
  2. Trump denies any responsibility for the horrible situation in the USA, but also claims absolute authority

There is not so much to say for the first point. Whenever I think I know what kind of pathological narcissist he is, he keeps surprising me with a new low. I don’t wish any people any harm, not even Trump but this guy is really evil and dangerous. People like him should just not hold any political power. What happened to this man that he became such … I don’t even find the words. Sure, I know enough curse words, but that’s all not good enough. And the thing is … whatever he does, his supporters are so blinded, so lost, they don’t care. He really can do whatever he wants, it will not change a thing for them.

The second thing actually contains tyrannic characteristics. Sadly, I’m pretty sure he will be re-elected. Sleepy Joe was cool as Obamas vice, but now it looks like his best days are behind him, to put it mildly. Maybe is buddy Obama can safe him, get him something back from this bromance charm. Anyway – if Trump gets his second term, I wonder if he will accept the checks and balance system or – like Putin – if he will really attempt to change the constitution to run for another term.

What happened in the USA is scary as hell. Around 20 million people lost their job due to Corona. Some short term, but I read that most of the jobs are gone for good or at least for a long time. Whenever there is a big crisis, at some point there is a big boom again at some point. The US economy will not die, but it seems a lot of people will not survive this crisis – and not just because of the virus but because the biggest, most successful, richest country of the world things that a solidary society is an evil thing. It’s not funny, it’s just sad. And then I keep thinking, it have been Americans that came up with utopias like we see them in Star Trek. And that’s already half a century ago. What happened there?


Obviously the latest decisions kicked off the discussion how we might proceed office-wise. I hope, we don’t rush things but take our time. I don’t feel that we’re in a hurry. I don’t have the general overview obviously, but from what I can tell I’d say we are still quite productive and can do our job just fine. Some not as good as in the office, others even better. So the output should be still pretty good. Again, would be a shame if not, barring digital in our name. No decisions yet, discussions are just started, feedback is gathered and heard and I think that’s a decent approach. I will be happy to be back in the office for sure, but also I’m quite okay with home office meanwhile I have to say and from what I can tell, many of us are.


I started to add some routines to my day and so far, they work. I work. For most of them, it’s the first week of course but I’m in good spirits I can keep them up and that actually feels good. My mood is quite okay, sure, a bit lonely but that’s also not that different from my normal reality. No, I have to say I arranged myself with the current situation quote okay. I had this thought: As more or less the whole world stands kinda still right now, it’s not like that I really miss something. Good weather, yes okay. But besides that? We all miss the same, so it doesn’t matter. Imagine the world keeps going like nothing happened, but you are the only one that needs to stay in quarantine, just missing several months. Horrible thought.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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