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The Corona Chronicles – Day 20

or: Don’t mind the space in my head

So Monday, which pretended to be a Tuesday. After the most unusual Easter ever. For many that is, mine was pretty much the same actually …


At least the German people are mesmerised by the ruling of the government for the next steps – keyword “Lockerungen” – but we will cover today, tomorrow. Confused enough now? No, then listen to that: Did you know that originally O. J. Simpson was cast to play The Terminator, but in the end not chosen, cause the studio was afraid he would be just not convincing enough to play a remorseless killer. The internet says so, so it must be true. Also, O. J. stands for Orenthal James – this I learned in the 90’s from Al Bundy. And they say TV doesn’t educate …

Society. Well, they are still kinda stable I guess. I don’t know to be honest. Media says, most of the Berlins (which are not exemplary for the whole country of course) kinda behave. If I’m out, alone, for a walk or run I still see a lot of people. Big groups no, but from time to time yes. My area, near Potsdamer Platz is pretty dead though. It’s a very touristic area, so that makes sense cause everything is closed. In general I have the feeling we kinda manage the situation. Some people I talk to, tell me they have enough now. I think, what most annoy people is not to know when this is over. It is easer to work with a clear goal, a date even if it would be months away. We just can’t stand uncertainties.

One thing though – if I see the empty streets, I get a bit sad. Sure, less traffic and so on is nice, but what I love about Berlin is the energy, that there is always something going on, a lot of people with dreams, concerns, plans, doing this or that. Someone once said to me “Berlin works, because it doesn’t work” – I love that. Right now, it doesn’t really work for me. My city looks a bit sad and that makes me sad.


It was Monday, kinda, so I was pretty much absorbed by my work and not really paying attention to politic. There is this one podcast I listen to basically every day – “The Day” – 30 minutes about one or more topics which have been important during the day. I can’t listen to that since Corona cause guess what they talk about since weeks. Tip, starts with C and ends with Orona. Super exciting. Anyway, that day, the covered three political things which are going on right now, besides Corona. That was kinda refreshing actually. It’s not like I don’t care, I also want politic to do the right thing but I also understand that there is no playbook, no template we can just use because we so experienced with things like these. As there is not so much I can do, besides actually staying mostly home – I see Corona as a storm, as weather in general. I can complain about, be annoyed by it, but this will change exactly nothing. I can only endure and wait for better days.

I think the discussion about the tracking app or apps, there might be different ones, gains speed but I haven’t really looking into that, so there is not much I can write about this for now.


This short week will be very intense and interesting, but then again, I did not have so many boring weeks in this company. Like zero actually. Most people are still doing fine, I think we are mostly in acceptance mode – also because somethings definitely work better. Let’s put it this way, if there have been any doubts if remote work actually works for now, we now have and extensive proof of concept, there should be no doubt about that anymore.


Easter was not that great, but again – not really connected to Corona. Such holidays are always difficult for me and I’m happy when they are over. I actually did not work, was very lazy on Friday and Saturday and paid the price on Sunday – headaches. The whole day. Managed to do a longer bike tour but only got rid of them in the afternoon. Next weekend, I want to try a longer bike tour, like 40 kilometre or something like that.

Besides that I’m that close to finally start writing some standup material. Had an idea lately. I’m pretty good I think at spontaneously talking bullshit and making people laugh, but writing funny stuff is hard. I at least wanna try, if I will ever perform it (and in which format) who knows. but i need to start getting creative again. Also looking into pencils and stuff again, maybe I start drawing again. Not just something, would be goal-driven drawing, actually more like concepts for a story I want to write since I’m … 20 I think. Oh boy, where did the last years go.

Besides being in my head anyway for quite some years, I got the idea because I’m kinds depressed about how creative people are, what they do all the time, the create content they produce while I basically only work. I want to do more and there are so many ideas and I feel it’s time to finally find out, if at least some of them have potential. For me, it’s tough getting them out of my head but I need to start somewhere. They taking up too much space in my mind and don’t do anything good there. Space is limited up there, and I need the little I have for other things.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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