BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 2

or: The What, the What and the What?!

Well, that’s not really working. I planned to publish one post per day but the week just went by like nothing. And besides working, I didn’t really do something. Maybe I don’t have something to say every day but I will try, by also giving my best to reconstruct the last days – first complete week in home office. Monday was merely an introduction to this and for today (Tuesday that is) I was thinking about a new format, to give it some structure.


I think Tuesday the lockdown of the civil life slowly begun. Not that it was super recognisable. For myself, I more or less stay home now. Taking a walk sometimes, doing some running. In a speech President Macron said “We are at war” – it’s a serious thing, but comparisons like that are absolutely not useful I think.


The damage will be substantial, that becomes more clear every day now. As more and more stuff will be locked down, business can’t thrive. Corona can lead to finance crisis we haven’t seen yet. Our government made the promise of unlimited credit. Unlimited is not a word you hear all too often in politics. Companies like VW can work with credits, people will buy cars again (although I don’t get why you still buy from VW) and pax it back, but for many smaller business that’s not even a good option. Politics try to be on top of things. In the case of the virus itself, they don’t have a clue and trust more or less the scientist (finally – why don’t they do so in regards of climate change?) but also they are just learning by the day. It’s a new virus, also science needs time to learn. It’s an unfair game – we demand answers, but the truth is, it just needs the time, it needs.


I think our company is doing pretty fine. Of course I mostly have meetings with the very same people again and again so I absolutely don’t engage with others anymore I fear, because you don’t run into others by accident, share a coffee in the kitchen. I need to make some effort to plan random meetings with those, I won’t see in a longer time now. As a team, we had our routines before and I don’t really see a big problem here. Everyone is scared that the productivity will decline and it will for some (especially parents who for sure don’t have a easy time right now) but for others it might actually get higher. Depends if you can focus in your own home. Some managed to setup a special working place, to still feel the separation from “home” and “work”. I think that’s healthy.


Like described in the intro, I more or less just work. Not so many more hours than usually, but I can’t focus on something else. Others have setup some routines already, something I desperately need to do but I fail. That’s not really a Corona thing though, I have my problems with that in general. Work comes easy, everything else seems to be hard work. Especially “having fun” – how the hell should I know what that could be …

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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