BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 18

or: The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favor of holding meetings.

I like this diary better with a bit of humour in it, but it’s hard to find humour in these days. Was not able to do so today I fear …


Some people want’s to talk about a scenarios for a lift, at least partial for the lockdown. They getting attacked pretty good by the majority and I think thats not okay. Sure we can discuss possible scenarios, exchange arguments, ideas, standpoints – that’s what defines an open, free society, doesn’t it? If we look at the numbers (and in the parks these days) the lockdown doesn’t really work. I mean yes, the rate slows down a bit, we are at an infection rate of 1,3 and must be under 1 so I assume – as it seems we don’t have any better ideas, we must keep doing it. The effect is there, but it’s less significant than we hoped, I guess. But my point is this – already some days ago I read something which appeared very logical to me: if there have been clear parameters which justified the numerous measurements we took, politics must be also able to give us clear parameters when they can be removed again. And they don’t do that. What I mean is a clear expectation management. Like “if the mortality rate is below X per day, we can remove this” or “when the infection rate is below 0,9 we can lift that” – should be easy to do so, right? I mean, nothing in this crisis is easy, but emergency measurements are that – for an emergency. To be able to ensure it does not become the new normal you need to be able to define when this emergency is over. And of course, there will be no hard cut, it will not be gone one day like narcissistic and stupid liars like Trump claimed, but the levels of improvements needs to be defined. All of that needs time, I get that but we should at least discuss this. So just to be clear, I guess there is no way around keeping this up for some more weeks but I welcome debates how to slowly get back to a different life.


Biggest topic at the moment are the Euro bonds, sorry, Corona bonds. That’s a whole different concept of course. Same boring arguments for and against it. I always characterised myself as a huge EU fan, I still do but especially how we deal with refugees, climate change was a huge disappointment to me. Ernüchterung, how we call it in German. Within the EU we have almost fascist regimes and we tolerate this and I don’t understand why. Such a rich continent, which could do so much good in the world but all we do is talking about how we can secure our borders. There is so much money in the EU, we could all help each other getting through this difficult time. In general, get rid of the debts, Schuldenschnitt and let’s start from scratch. But let’s start with the political before the economic construct first this time. And yes, some countries would then not be part of it, that’s okay. If it works, they will reconsider pretty fast …


Wednesday is meeting day (for me, in my job that’s true for almost every day though) so the day went by pretty fast. As written before, I feel more back on track. Like plans come together. Not as intended, but that’s life of course. I’m one of those preaching an agile mindest, adapting to situation so I have do be able to do so myself. I am, but some times, it needs some time to get there. If things are explained to me, if voices are heard, if a dialog is happening, I can make almost everything work I guess. So my mood got better and I’m looking forward for the next weeks I guess.


Very unsuccessfully I tried to learn a second foreign language over the last years. Well, I didn’t really try but played around a bit with Italian. Parlo poco italiano is about the only sentence I can say. Now I reactivated my Duolingo app and give Spanish a try. I’d like to make some progress, learning something new which has nothing to do with my job actually. I think I did learn a lot of things in the past months, but this is mostly soft skill related, nothing you can really pin point. I almost enjoy this little exercise but also think 10-15 minutes per day will not be enough. I can manage the exercises but haven’t really memorised something so far, but let’s see. I try to make this one of my routines which I slowly want to build up again.

Someone asked me – why are you writing? I said “Because I don’t paint.” That’s a lie, no one asked me that, I just wanted to share this quote and it felt good in that moment.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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