BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 16

or: There are people who have money and people who are rich

Yesterday was Monday and that means, we have a new colour. Week IV and we get blue, literally I think …


I was wondering. In peace time (we are at war, aren’t we?) whenever proposing to tax the rich a bit more, it takes like three seconds until several politicians, entrepreneurs and media outlets bring on the same arguments again and again why this is a super bad idea. First of all, they already pay so much taxes, second of all it’s kinda unfair, third no, fourth if they have to, they go somewhere else (nice people) and if then someone asks “Why the hell do we need billionaires in the first place” the same schmucks explain again and again its only due to the good billionaires that we can enjoy a lot of the culture crap, which doesn’t really finance itself, but needs supporter, patrons who invest their good money to give us this valuable present. While our industry will be saved by our government (so us tax payers), isn’t that the time of these patrons now to save the arts? For example, in Berlin like in every other bigger city, the club scene fights for their lives. They don’t need billions, but some millions to keep going. Did one of these billionaires already made a move here? And there are dozens, hundreds of these examples. Many people do good right now, by giving. I’m sure, some rich people do and don’t really talk about and that’s fine. But shouldn’t that be a big topic at the moment? When now is not the time to give back, when is?


I wasn’t really paying attention yesterday to be honest. Engaged less than usual with the news. Of course I read that Boris Johnson was send to the hospital and meanwhile he is on the ICU as his symptoms got worse. Some actually seemed to enjoy this, as he like Trump tried to downplay this whole thing at the beginning. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people? Sure, he is an idiot, most likely not a nice guy and he stands for a horrible politic which actually puts people in danger. That’s all true and even worse things are true for Trump and others. But I still don’t wish them personal harm, I mean, why should I? I don’t want these kind of people holding any political power in their mean hands, but I will not get as low to wish even those people personal harm. That’s just not cool. This is not how humanity works. so I wish even Boris that he gets better soon. Should be a no brainer actually.


Company-wise nothing now that should be shared here. I enjoy intense discussions and it’s always a challenge for me to still be passioned about things but not too much. I have the impression, that most people kinda made their peace with the current situation. For most, it somehow works. Or maybe differently put: I haven’t talked to anyone so far who says it does not work at all for them. For many the situation is less than ideal. They just don’t really function being home the whole day. But at least I don’t know about one that can’t make it work at all so far. But of course, there are just so many I regularly talk to, so that’s also kinda fake news most likely.


The days are getting sunnier and as I might spent more time on my balcony (at least I have one) I thought, some flowers would be nice. I like having living things around me, but I’m not really good with flowers I guess. From the ten or 12 flowers I tried out last time, only one made it so far. And this only survived because someone told me “Just leave it the fuck alone. Give it some water once per week, put it here and leave it alone!” I do, and she is doing quite fine. Anyhow, I took a walk to the nearest DYI center. I’m crossing a bigger park doing so and it was quite crowded. Like normal I’d say. Quite some dyads but also larger groups. And I was wondering … what to do? Calling the police, really? What I actually did – I send a PM via Twitter to the social media police account and ask. They answered (but quite some time later) and said “If its crowded but by dyads that’s fine, if there are larger groups, go ahead and call the police.” I didn’t do it, it just felt wrong. For the most part, there have been only dyads but also some, one, two, three larger groups. Younger people, maybe tourists, can’t tell. But obviously, the situation is still not taken serious by all of us. And I thought: even if we would have a strict curfew, no way there is enough police in this city to really enforce it.

Another premiere was actually standing in line to enter the DYI center. So many premieres thanks to Corona … in the end, I couldn’t decide. Balcony flowers are all so boring. I want a tree actually! So I bought some smaller flowers for my flat instead. For now. Cause I will be back.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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