BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 15

or: No weekend, all weakened

There was a Friday right? Yes, I think there was. And a Monday, that happens definitely too often, weekends followed by Mondays …


The mask discussion gains momentum. First people scream already to make it mandatory whenever you are in public. As written before, I’m not against it but you only can force people to do something if they can fulfil it actually. So that means, someone needs to provide me with the masks. If this is possible (it’s not right now) and it helps – sure, let’s do that. Everything that helps. I see more and more people wearing masks, will do so as well, if I can provide myself with it or will be provided with them.

Looks like the curve is not really flattening at the moment but the infection rate get’s a bit slower. So doubling the numbers now happens every, I think 11,2 days. Progress, but not as significant as we hoped I guess.


We start to discuss if an App could help in fighting spreading the virus. In Germany, we have pretty strict laws in terms of data privacy. So using the App would be voluntary anyway. So far, about half of the population would be willing to do so. I’m undecided so far to be honest.

In other news some politicians basically say we need to give more room now for infection again. Mainly of course, to restart the economy. In the end, most of us will get it anyway right, so why not speed up the process? Well, because too many people would die. If we would keep a mortality rate of let’s say 1% and let’s say only 60% of us would get it, by 80 million people that would mean we at list risk that almost 500.000 are dying. And it’s not really likely that the mortality rate stays at 1%. These are depressing numbers.


Every Friday we have the All Hands. Last Friday was our second online version and I have to say, it works quite well. Actually, better than in real life. Venue for our All Hands is our lovely kitchen. By now, it’s too small actually to offer everyone of us a nice place so it gets very crowded and partly uncomfortable. You might have a place, but then you can’t see the screen maybe. Not ideal. I really hope that at least partly, we can keep doing this even when we’re back at the office. Oh the office, I miss it. Of course not really the building, but the people. I have meetings with quite some people, but as already mentioned, mainly the same people in different settings. Coffee breaks are going well so far, mostly have one every day. It helps.


I don’t really remember Friday. Did not do anything special, just a short virtuell after hour hangout. People still have better plans, depressing I think. I mean, good for them, but I’m doing something wrong here 😉

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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