BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 14


You now read the first stories about the elderlies giving up their right for treatment, dying deliberately in the hope that their sacrifice will save another, younger person. While I might do the same if I would look back on a long and good lived life, I just don’t want to read such stuff. I think it’s horrible that rich countries like the ones we’re living in are provoking such behaviour, as noble as it might be. It should just not be necessary. I have a feeling that we now entering a phase, in which things are getting really ugly. I mean, thousands have died already. It’s sad about every poor soul who will be a victim of this. But it’s a difference if someone dies besides treatment or if there is no treatment at all, cause you’re too old. I feel for the nurses, doctors, the horrors they must endure right now. I’m so damn lucky living in this (absolutely not perfect) country, sitting at home, doing my job, getting paid, actually nothing to fear. My biggest problem is, that the movie theatres are closed and no one is in the mood (allowed) for movie nights together on my couch. I mean, if I’m honest, that’s pretty much it what I’m suffering from. Not having a beer together after work is something I miss. Sometimes going to a bar, but that’s all nothing in comparison what others have to endure. Once again, I can call myself so damn lucky actually, most likely surviving this without any consequences.


Thursday we discussed a bit – but not too much of course – that we still can “invite” (?) about 40.000 hands for harvest, but that we’re not able to rescue about 1000 kids from refugee camps. It’s about asparagus of course. No, it’s about humanity in the end, but asparagus is once per year. And of course these are jobs we can’t expect Germans to do, for this we must get foreigners in to our country. Nothing wrong with that, even our “Besorgte Burger” (assholes) have nothing against this policy. Crisis or not, the Germans need their asparagus!

How me manage to look away from the humanity crisis boiling in these refugee camps is a shame. Actually, there are no words for that. Just get them here and take care of them. If the current crisis proved one thing, then that this is not about money. We have or can get enough money. It’s the fear for the fascist to gain more and more power. And because you fear their rightwing agenda, you put it into reality on your own. It makes me so angry that I don’t find the words right now …


I forgot, Wednesday like many other companies we celebrated our first, purely digital newstarter day. Normally, there is a breakfast in the kitchen where you can meet the newstarter. I often miss it due to missing though. I need to schedule some coffee breaks, to at least introduce myself digitally I guess. Must be weird, starting in a new company without really being there. But we will also manage this one. I just hope, we don’t have to celebrate too many of those digital newstarter days ….


Mood hit rock bottom by Thursday. Was really a bas day. Gut a bit better after hours, but the week turned into something I didn’t like at all.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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