BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 13

or: Bad temper is its own scourge

Wednesday my mood got worse, only topped by Thursday. I was not in the mood of writing anything, also thinking that maybe once per week could be also enough. But now, that this is on my to-do list I don’t have another choice …


Judging the lockdown from where I live (a rather touristic area) it works quite well, cause there is no tourism anymore. But when driving into the more “real” Berlin, it more or less looks the same. If I would judge from this, I’d say only the tourists are gone and we Berlins don’t hang out in parks in large groups anymore, but everything else is more or less the same. Which would made sense right? No one can’t really demand to only stay in your home for weeks or months, of course people go outside for a walk. Nothing wrong with that I’d say.

First people I know tell me they have enough now, not really cabin fever yet, but I think some of them are on their way. Not so much you can do. It’s hardest for those who had an extensive social life, never spending time alone, always doing stuff, meeting people, not able to just get busy with the own mind. That’s not me, so from that side I’m pretty fine. I can get lonely in the biggest crowd though, so I have good and bad moments. But that’s also true without any world-wide spreading virus.


I wonder, what kind of topics we miss right now I mean yes, obviously a lot of stuff is simply not happening at the moment but it’s not like that the world completely stays still. Good luck with fining other topics than Corona in the news though. It’s the perfect time to do some shady stuff so I wonder, what is going on we don’t pay any attention to at the moment.

It is amazing that of all things the pandemic triggers the most intense social reforms in the USA at the moment. I mean, not reforms – all of that will be shut down again once this is over. But as millions lose their job in a weekly basis right now, the government is forced to help them more than usual. The unemployment rate is going through the rooftop, worse in decades and still the approval rates for Trump – who is mostly interested in his ratings for his daily (?) address to the nation – are still quite high. Of course, that the virus exist is not his fault, but that this country is in such horrible state is also thanks to people like him. I mean, think about it: the most powerful and richest country every existing on this plante and it looks so bad in the face of such crisis. Why are people so calm about this, why are people accepting this.


Our company is quite digital by nature – hell, it’s in our name. But still, Corona was the biggest driver for digitalisation yet. I know this is not true for every operation, but most things are working quite well. I wonder, what this will change. Hiring for example. We like to have the people we work with on premise. I’m the same here, I want my team to be together. But actually, there are not so many arguments left why. Cause it works. I know several bigger ventures who work remotely, world-wide and they are doing just fine. The technology is there. But work is more than just be efficient I think, it’s about people, interaction, social interaction that is. I still don’t want to miss that.


Nothing I could write about. Wednesday my mood got pretty bad.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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