BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 12

or: A mask tells us more than a face

Tuesday I was still in a good mood but it worsen by Wednesday, which is the reason I’m quite behind again but I made some notes …


Basically there is only one topic this week: masks. Yay or Nay? At the beginning the smart people said (and thus basically all media), no we don’t need to wear them in public, they are actually quite useless. Only important, people in the hospitals have enough of them so please don’t buy them. But now the opinion changes (also the virologist learn and changes their mind – which is a good thing and why I actually like science so much: you always adapt to the latest findings and don’t stick with something which might not be true, but well, you said so therefore …) and a new trend was born – create your own masks. Besides the fact that there are still no studies showing that this actually helps preventing spreading the virus, it’s totally fine if people feel more save but please don’t pressure me if I don’t follow this trend. And this is always what I hate: Some people listen to some smart people which recommend it (while other smart people disagree, so the effect is just not clear enough) and if you don’t follow them, you are the bastard. How could you, selfish asshole. If there is rule and I’m provided with professional masks, I will wear them obviously when being outside, but sorry if I’m not in line with every new panic trend. When I’m outside for a walk, I see some people wearing them, but not that much yet. Let’s see in the next days.


I heard that we are now able to test around half a million user I was about to write, people per week. That’s a lot already actually, but still would take 164 weeks to get us all tested. Of course, there are already a lot tested but I have no clue, how many. That would be really interesting.

In comparison to many other countries our mortality rate is still quite low (but increasing sadly every day of course). The biggest driver here is, that so far mostly younger people are infected which then can survive the virus in many cases. In general, Germany is an ageing society like many others – so this will also change in the future.

Tuesday an internal government paper was leaked, which besides other things contained a best and worst case scenario. In the best case scenario, around 1 million people would be infected and around 12.000 would not survive. In the worst case scenario 60-70% of the whole population would get infected and more than 1 million would not survive. That’s depressing. I mean, the normal flu kills I think 50.000 people per year, so the best case scenario would not even that bad, but still … It’s just horrible and so much worse, in other countries.


Coffee break dates are ongoing and I enjoy them. Tuesday I was quite effective, things are going well I have the feeling. Meetings are really better, more effective and outcome driven. I mean, why should it not work? Only confounding factors are bad internet connections or grumpy kids 🙂

The challenge that we have at the moment is, that we have been in a transition phase, first bigger restructuring since we have been founded. Keeping this alive, actually start implementing things, is not that easy actually.


As already stated in the intro, I was still in a good mood on Tuesday. Took a walk after work but did not do anything special actually. I’m holding up quite okay, it’s other things that bothering me. Corona is just boring, but working from home works fine so far. Still no good routines besides work, something I need to get started. At the moment it’s only working, sleeping, taking a walk or some jogging but that’s it.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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