BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 11

or: Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated.

Week III in lockdown lies ahead and my mood is better. But that’s not that unusual actually – I’m mostly in a good mood Mondays. Something new starts, no one cares anymore about the last week and it’s like many other things are possible. Corona hasn’t changed that yet. Except working from home, my Mondays are still the same …


While we’re discussing if it’s too early to start discussing how an exit strategy (from lockdown) could look like, the situation in Italy, Spain and now the USA worsen day by day or more hour by hour. As already written several times here, I do not engage with Corona news too much, but of course I see some things from time to time. I heard a podcast today in which a nurse from Italy reported that they desperately want to have just one sense of achievement, that one patient get’s better and doesn’t need the respirators again. It’s not just that people are dying, they need to chose the ones with might have the best chances to survive. Same in Spain and most likely already the USA. These are indeed war-like scenarios. You can have and you do have these kind of situation in when big accidents happens, same in Germany but it’s not normal. What these poor souls must endure … I can’t imagine. There is this neoliberal dogma “the market is going to regulate this” – works like a charm. This crisis must lead to some changes, must provoke some mind shifts. Bad things can happen, but only if we learn from them.

In other news I heard an idea today which I like: instead of only reporting the newly infected, also report how many people have been tested yet. The relation is interesting, I think. From what I understood, South Korea was able to flatten the curve mainly due to mass-testing. We don’t really do that, but increasing our testing capabilities anyway. In the moment when I’m writing this, we have around 2.500 infected people in Berlin, that’s around 0,08% of the total population. Not that much. Will increase of course, but how many have been tested actually? I think that’s quite interesting.


Successful enterprises like Adidas, Deichmann and others provoked a scandal and of the last week when they announced that they don’t want to pay rent for their stores anymore, due to Corona. After some huge backlash, they now withdraw but politicians world wide need to be very careful which companies are evil enough to look only for their own benefit (which is kind of what you do as a private company) by also capitalising this crisis.

I wrote that we start the discussing if it’s okay to discuss exit strategies. I mean, of course this is okay! That’s what defines a democracy – different opinions, approaches and convictions. And it’s okay when the majority is convinced it is too early (I also think so), but it’s not a bad think, to discuss. That’s what defines a free country, actually. It scares me a bit how easy it is to make us so conformist. Or, this is again something what I just wanted to believe, that we are actually kinda non-conform, different backgrounds and beliefs, willing to discuss, argue but also open for compromises. Sounds utopian, again. And people call me an pessimist, pfff …

Already last week, I read that our health minister (partly highly praised for his crisis management) already got e-mails about potential shortages of masks and other protective wear. Unfortunately, his ministry never answered … I’m really looking forward for all of the horrible things we will learn after this crisis is over. Or now, I don’t look forward to that, but it will be important to learn all of that. We need to learn from this.


Again, not really an update I could share. A lot of discussions going on, the will to keep growing, doing the right things by also recognising this extreme challenge. The mood is still okay I guess, first from several coffee breaks. I think that’s a good thing, need to keep planning them. Oh, people share more and more of these video call fuckups. Nothing like that happened so far in our company, are these actually real or staged?


As already stated in the intro – Mondays are mostly good for me. I did not work during the weekend as I wasn’t really in the mood. But now I’m willing again to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Can’t do that without passion, which sometimes people mistake for me being grumpy I guess, but that’s not what it is about at all. I only get passioned about things, I believe in and I care about. Speaking of caring, I again did not manage to start something besides work for myself today. I really need to do so this week …

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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