BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

The Corona Chronicles – Day 10

or: Make America Sane Again


Friday I had this thought that this year I might not be the only person waisting a summer, like usual. I do hope of course, all of this might be over in just a few weeks, but there is a good chance we need to do this basically until the end of the year. Even though it might be in waves. One way or the other, there is a good chance it won’t be a normal summer. I’m not big on vacations anyway, so that’s not really a problem to me. But I like to hand out at the Spree, have some beers with peers (that’s a rhyme, and whatever thymes is good) – that might not happen this year. I can cope with that, but this society will not be able to do so. I’m getting worried about domestic violence. If you literally can’t escape a toxic relationship anymore, this might end really bad. It does end bad anyways too often each year, but this might be actually fuel for an already explosive situation. How should we handle that? How do we even get notice of it?

Another thought – which was not mine but I found interesting – isn’t it amazing how fast this praised and in every regards superior capitalistic system is on the verge of total collapse, just because we can’t shop and fly for a couple of weeks? It’s not that resilient, right?


Speaking of capitalism – let’s have a brief look at the USA, shall we? The last thing Donald Trump would need now, is an economic crisis and millions of people losing their job. Seems, he is getting exactly this. I don’t know how to put this friendly, but it#s pretty shameful how this huge and powerful country deals with such crisis. How can a country so rich, act so irresponsible and anti-social in the face of such crisis? Ah, sure – capitalism. I briefly forgot …

Since it started, Trump tried to downplay Corona. First he said it would not even come to the USA, then he sad it would not be a big deal. He basically still says so, while the Major of New York City calls the USA the new worldwide epicentre for Corona. The USA are some weeks behind most of Europe and have already more infections than Germany and drastically more deaths to mourn. Everyone who has a clue about what they do are highly alarmed, fear dozens of millions of infections and millions of dead people, but Trump still tries to play it cool. “The cure can not be worse than the disease” he keeps repeating, lobbying to open up the economy again as fast as possible. America is not made to be put on hold. Well, he is right about that. Which open society is? But he basically sys “Well, we will lose a couple of millions, but these are weak and old anyway, so what the hell – might be good in the end, cause they don’t cost us a dime anymore, afterward”. The USA are broken, such a big and beautiful country, so poorly governed and so morally bankrupt. Not just since Trump, but especially since him.

There is not just this one America of course, there are enough people criticising the Commander in Chief, rooting for a different America. Well enough, maybe not – I read (if it’s true) his approval rates how he is dealing with the crisis says 60% of all Americans are with him. That’s amazing, cause these are then not just the Trump loyalist who support and believe everything their guru says, not that must be some more. People which are born with the attitude that the USA are the greatest country in the world, unbeatable and always number one. Well, they are not but who cares, right? Facts, a thing from the past … Well, this was not suppose to be USA bashing (it comes so easy these days, right?), but more about how they deal with the Corona crisis. I’m really scared about this. The government obviously doesn’t know what they do, they are only interested in looking string instead of doing the right things. The health system is broken since years, they really could look at a lot of victims. And this will be the poorest of the poorest again. It’s so unfair and insane. I wish them just the best, but I hope they now recognise having someone like Trump – the biggest narcissist every alive – in the White House, is literally a danger to their life.

In other news I read that the AfD was giving away some filter masks for an hospital – the hospital then donated them to a refugees home. Love it!


Some after hour drinks last Friday again, but nothing too serious actually. Somehow, people still have a private life. Maybe even more than before? That’s a good thing of course, but it was a bit boring actually.


Still trying to figure some things out. Will take at least the whole weekend I guess. Haven’t done any sport so far, only taking walks. Mood is not the best, as well as my motivation to do anything. Will read a lot and see if I can fill my head with something new

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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