BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


ReduzierBen – Week #91

Sport or not, there is always the day of truth with my scale. Also two weeks ago, when it showed me the 104,2 kilo again. A tie, does not happen that often. I don’t remember the week, so let’s check the week before this one.

FAT : 27.1 | BMI : 30.4

ReduzierBen – Week #90

I was expecting the worst for this week. Was eating high-carb stuff due to traveling and weak mind. I was sure to see the 106 this morning. Instead, I lost some pounds – 0,7 kilo to be exact. So I’m back at 104,2 kilo. That’s nice and due to the discipline I was maintaining the last days. I was doing some research again, adding and removing stuff from my nutrition. Noting big...

ReduzierBen – Week #89

I’m almost ashamed, but for sure extremely pissed forced to post this: Instead of losing weight, I again gain weight. Almost one kilo, 104.9. This really pissing me of. Of course, sports-wise it was not a good week and I had some beers to much on Friday, but besides that, I kind of behaved. It does not justify one kilo. I’m not very motivated right now to go the extra mile. I’m...

ReduzierBen – Week #88

And I just realised, it doesn’t really make sense keeping this in German when I’m doing the Whale thing in English. Damn, another thing on the list … Anyway, despite my pretty decent opening, the scale was not nice to me yesterday: 104 kilo. Yep, at the beginning of the new year it happened. I hit 104 again. First time since December 2017. I’m quite pissed and...

ReduzierBen – Woche #87

The reconciliation stems mainly from the result of the last weighing of this year: 102.8 kilos and thus crisp 1.1 kilo less. Although I know that one of the main reasons was probably a bedridden day in bed where I ate almost nothing, that was hopefully not all, but I will see next Sunday. After a few outliers, I try now to have a better grip again. Since I have the rest of the week vacation...

ReduzierBen – Woche #83

The dramatic reduction was followed by an equally dramatic JoJo effect – almost everything packed again, 1.1 kilos, to again 103.6 kilos. I do not know exactly why. Of course not enough sports and of course I was not always 100% loyal to my low-carb line, but I’m not so in other weeks as well. I still strictly forbid sweets, there is alcohol from time to time. I do not understand it...

ReduzierBen – Woche #82

For four weeks at a time, I have now gained weight, finally quite strong at 103.7 kilos. I was able to successfully stop this upward trend by self-contempt – 1.2 kilos less on now 102.5 kilos. Because I weighed myself in between and had already seen quite different numbers, I had even expected more with less, but that’s okay. At least there is a realistic result. That I weighed myself...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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