BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


ReduzierBen – Week #275

Standstill at 110.5 kilos. It’s annoying, but it’s part of it. Then the mark has to fall next week. I think it was a little unhealthy eating this week. So again more discipline next week!

Kilo : 110.5 | FAT : 31.6 | BMI : 32.6

ReduzierBen – Week #274

Made a quite nice jump last week, from 111.9 to 110.5 kilo. Very close now to my original full year target of losing 20 kilo. Hopefully, tomorrow, although I have the feeling I might gained a bit of weight this week, but let’s see. Will get there anyway, doesn’t matter if this or next week. And I will achieve much more.

Kilo : 110.5 | FAT : 30.5 | BMI : 32.7

ReduzierBen – Week #273

And another kilo gone. Almost. But that also mean, I will not reach my goal to go under the 110 by the end of September. That will take another two or three weeks. But that’s still faster as my original goal, which aimed at the end of the year. If I will reach it by mid of October, that will be exactly six months after I started, after I got my dog. 20 kilo in six months, sounds pretty good...

ReduzierBen – Week #272

Bit of a disappointing week, only lost 0.1 kilo, so basically a tie. Of course, this will also happen and I need to work with it. But I’m close to my goal and I want to reach it. But two weeks might be not realistic. I need to step up my game, which I’m absolutely willing to do. It’s on!

Kilo : 112.8 | FAT : 33.0 | BMI : 33.3

ReduzierBen – Week #271

Only lost 0.5 kilo this week, but that’s good, caused I feared to actually gain weight for not eating so good partly. And it’s always nice to see a different number after the second 1. And of course, can’t weight until this second 1 is finally gone. Two weeks and I should be there.

Kilo : 112.9 | FAT : 33.2 | BMI : 33.4

ReduzierBen – Week #270

I lost two kilo in one week – that’s something! But I fear, this was not so much due to the sport, but also because I was not eating that much because of lack of appetite. But whatever, I determined to reach my goal to go below the 110 by the end of the month. It’s just four more kilos, that should be possible. I’m a bit hyped to reach the 20 kilo threshold … Kilo :...

ReduzierBen – Week #269

1.3 kilo is quite nice for one week, although I have the feeling this week might be a bit tougher but let’s see what I can do. If everything works out. I should be below 110 by the end of September, that’s at least the goal. So let’s do this!

Kilo : 115.3 | FAT : 33.1 | BMI : 34.1

ReduzierBen – Week #268

Again only a minor loss, which is also due to shorter walks right now with Gizmo. I need to get better here again and at the same time increase the sportive activities. Not stopping now, the next milestone is close!

Kilo : 116.6 | FAT : 33.1 | BMI : 34.4

ReduzierBen – Week #267

Stable week, but in the end just a minor loss of 0.6 kilo but okay. I’m still on my way and I’m quite confident right now that I will get well under the 110 by the end of the year. I can do this. I will do this.

Kilo : 117.0 | FAT : 32.4 | BMI : 34.2

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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