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Personal OKR Review – 04/2021

The end of April got me a bit by surprise and I don’t really know, where the month went. I was really hoping to make a bit more progress, but okay … Weight-wise, I’m not just back to square one, I even a bit behind. This gets really annoying. Actually this week my move will be officially done, could not get an appointment earlier for the notification of change of address. I hope...

Personal OKR Review – 03/2021

Here we are again with the monthly Personal OKR Review. Let’s see, what changed. I even decreased my former progress here, as I re-gained the little weight I lost. Frustrating. The move is still not completely done, with everything I had on my list around it, but almost. Rest is pretty dormant at the moment. Still no progress at all. Still basically only reading progress. Still no progress...

Personal OKR Review – 02/2021

Like the years before, I also planned to work on my personal OKR’s in 2020 but then, well, you know what happened … This something still keeps us busy but I still want to give it a try but this year, with a twist. Like described in the textbooks, I always defined quarterly OKRs for myself, like we also do it in my company. And I always wanted way too much, ambitious sure, more like...

Personal OKR – 19/52

I’m closing this experiment with a devastating result: I only finished 31.41% of my goals. At least 50% would have been nice, but I’m also not surprised. Even though, I massively failed last quarter, I will try this again in 2020. I can’t know of course, but maybe I wouldn’t even done the 31% without this list. This time, I will create OKR for the whole year, not just one...

Personal OKR – 19/51

After quite some weeks, I also want to track my progress for my personal OKRs again, after having some problems with the software I used for that. Well progress, there is not really one. Some movement, yes but nothing really important. The result will be devastating, more or less nothing important will be done or even touched, except this one vacation tryout. I try to use the last days, get...

Personal OKR – 19/40

Last year I tried an OKR-like approach for myself to get stuff done. It didn’t really work ands I abandoned it after some months. Like anything else actually. In general, I like this framework. Since the first time I got in touch with it some years ago, I though it can be very powerful, if done correctly. The idea behind OKR is to define goals not for the sake of goals, but because of what...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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