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Mensch – Herbert Grönemeyer

So Herbie takes a stand against right-wing radicalism at one of his concerts (something he was doing again and again) and because he uses kind of radical words on his own, the right-wing assholes try to connect him with dictatorship, censorship and what not. Okay, if you thing so. Seriously, this poor victim-narrative is so obvious and boring. Thing is, they want to make the impression they are...

Bleibt Alles Anders – Herbert Grönemeyer

Dedicated to the longing for the dance on the thin ice … Thron über Konvention Das Leben kommt von vorn Stehst unter einem hellen Stern Einem hellen Stern Verträum Dich in Deinem Traum Verlaß Dich auf Zeit und Raum Du gehörst zum festen Kern Trockne die Tränen Zieh Deine Kreise Der stille Weg Folg dem Sonnenaufgang leise Tanz den Tanz auf dünnem Eis Forder das große Gefühl Durchquer den...

Bleibt Alles Anders – Herbert Grönemeyer

A lot of german songs lately. Well, there some bands / singer-songwriter that are actually quite good in this country. Undoubtedly one of them is Mr Grönemeyer, one of the most gifted texter this country has to offer. I think this phase in the late 90’s and early 2000’s have been especially strong. Also the video is extremely good. Bleibt Alles Anders could be also some kind of mantra...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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