BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


The Corona Chronicles – Day 7

Yesterday was a weird day and it seems, not just for me. Mondays I’m normally in a good mood, going to work, starting a new week – I love that. Cause I love what I do, despite the stress and sometimes back and forth. The mood declines then very often over the week, but not for Tuesdays normally. Yesterday I hit a pothole somehow … Society There might be a decent trend that the...

The Corona Chronicles – Day 6

or: A lonely laugh is a sad laugh – or none at all A new week, a new color. Also I’m only counting the workdays we’re in lockdown as my weekends haven’t changed that much. As sad, as this might sound … Society Sunday, I took a walk and I saw a lot of people outside. Definitely in bigger groups. We talked about more severe actions and when I was home, they have been...

The Corona Chronicles – Day 4

or: Who you gonna call? Society It is interesting to see which professions are system relevant all of a sudden. It’s not the anchorman, the broker or football player – a society can just do fine without them actually – not it’s the nurses, the cashiers, teachers and caregiver. Okay, to be fair – as I’m also a big fan of digitalisation – cashiers...

The Corona Chronicles – Day 3

or: Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? Society This section might not make so much sense after all I now realise, as I hardly engage with society. In general I think, but especially now. I also don’t engage with social media too much anymore, so I can just share best guesses here. It is like with every crisis: the nice ones are getting even nicer and the assholes...

The Corona Chronicles – Day 2

or: The What, the What and the What?! Well, that’s not really working. I planned to publish one post per day but the week just went by like nothing. And besides working, I didn’t really do something. Maybe I don’t have something to say every day but I will try, by also giving my best to reconstruct the last days – first complete week in home office. Monday was merely an...

The Corona Chronicles – Day 1

or: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance Like many other companies, my employer decided to lockdown the office and send each of us into home office. Or mobile office, which is kinda stupid, cause I’m hardly very mobile when I’m home but that’s a different story. While there are no direct Corona cases among us yet, it’s the right call yet alone in regards of our social...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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