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Wort Zum Sonntag – Die Toten Hosen

Happy Birthday Hosen! Beside the Onkelz, maybe the most important band for me, who I have been loyal to for a long time. Not even sure how long to be honest, but I’d say, I know them since Kauf MICH! – and that’s now 29 years. Time flies … Früher war alles besserFrüher war alles gutDa hielten alle noch zusammenDie Bewegung hatte noch Wut Früher, hör auf mit früherIch will...

Ohne Dich – Die Toten Hosen

“Ohne Dich” is my most favorite song by Rammstein, the best Till every wrote. A cover by Die Hosen is special due to many reasons. They relationship between these two bands was not always the best. Rammstein was falsely accused ob being a right-wing band or at least taken the provocation of using certain attributes, characteristics (the rolling R) too far. That’s all bullshit...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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