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Alle Sagen Das – Die Toten Hosen

Matching my first concert in 2.5 years – Die Toten Hosen on Tempelhofer Feld. Of course the weather sucks, but I won’t let that get me down today. The fat one goes banging. Die Hosen sind kein Punk Rock mehrAlle sagen dasDie Grünen wollen den LinksverkehrAlle sagen dasNur Faschos bei der BundeswehrAlle sagen dasJeder Arsch wird heute MillionärAlle sagen dasDie Rente wird bald...

Wort Zum Sonntag – Die Toten Hosen

Happy Birthday Hosen! Beside the Onkelz, maybe the most important band for me, who I have been loyal to for a long time. Not even sure how long to be honest, but I’d say, I know them since Kauf MICH! – and that’s now 29 years. Time flies … Früher war alles besserFrüher war alles gutDa hielten alle noch zusammenDie Bewegung hatte noch Wut Früher, hör auf mit früherIch will...

Ohne Dich – Die Toten Hosen

“Ohne Dich” is my most favorite song by Rammstein, the best Till every wrote. A cover by Die Hosen is special due to many reasons. They relationship between these two bands was not always the best. Rammstein was falsely accused ob being a right-wing band or at least taken the provocation of using certain attributes, characteristics (the rolling R) too far. That’s all bullshit...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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