BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


ReduzierBen – Week #96

As I was prepared to gain some weight, it was nice to that I more or less kept my weight, minus 0,2 kilo to now 102,4 kilo. As I was sure the lost was due to losing muscles, this time I’m sure it was due to losing some fat, which is nice. I’m on the right track right now. Nutrition was okay, not too many distortions. Just the Friday escalated a bit. I’m not against escalating...

ReduzierBen – Week #93

This morning I was sure to see the 105 or even 106 back. Reason is my non-low-carb nutrition over the last days when I was sick. I could not eat solid things and was eating a lot of Joghurts and even some ice against the sore throat. That had to have some consequences for sure. I definitely had, but what I totally ignored is the loss of muscle tissue. 101,6 kilo. First time under 102 since...

ReduzierBen – Week #90

I was expecting the worst for this week. Was eating high-carb stuff due to traveling and weak mind. I was sure to see the 106 this morning. Instead, I lost some pounds – 0,7 kilo to be exact. So I’m back at 104,2 kilo. That’s nice and due to the discipline I was maintaining the last days. I was doing some research again, adding and removing stuff from my nutrition. Noting big...

ReduzierBen – Woche #87

The reconciliation stems mainly from the result of the last weighing of this year: 102.8 kilos and thus crisp 1.1 kilo less. Although I know that one of the main reasons was probably a bedridden day in bed where I ate almost nothing, that was hopefully not all, but I will see next Sunday. After a few outliers, I try now to have a better grip again. Since I have the rest of the week vacation...

ReduzierBen – Woche #82

For four weeks at a time, I have now gained weight, finally quite strong at 103.7 kilos. I was able to successfully stop this upward trend by self-contempt – 1.2 kilos less on now 102.5 kilos. Because I weighed myself in between and had already seen quite different numbers, I had even expected more with less, but that’s okay. At least there is a realistic result. That I weighed myself...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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