BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Version 3.0.5

In the background, I’m working on a few enhancements, without much to touch the CSS. I’m testing a few technical improvements, but focused on content and form in this iteration.

Resolved category ‘Körper & Geist’ into BenAlitätenNew category – KritiKoNew subcategories for Logbuch – Randnotizen and ToolboxAdded cover-image for all articles

Version 2.5.6

As I mentioned before, i tweaked the layout a little bit, basically reverse it into a light theme. But that won’t be all, there will be some changes to the navi and yes, the categories will be also changed again.

Updates :

light theme v.0.5intro textcategory headline fix

Version 2.5.5

Next BENSTAGE update and it’s pretty much the same, than the one before. Yes, i changed the categories again. I don’t know why I’m never satisfied with this. But then again, i look at it as a PM : Always improving, trying out new things. Also this need to be done to prepare the next, bigger update.

Updates :


Version 2.5.4

Next release of my beloved BENSTAGE. Once again – and surely not the last time – i played around with the categories. Boy, how much time I’ve invested (wasted) finding clever, meaningful names and order-systems, it i really ridiculous… And I’m not quite done yet, but for now it’s okay. Next will be the fitting backgrounds then… Updates :...

Version 2.5.3

I finally fucking did it. The next little update for my Stage. It’s ridiculous. Basically, i just wanted to add some images for the main categories. Task of just a few minutes, but it took me several days. I tested dozen of images, dozen of styles, full-color, blurry, black and white, just a little bit color, colorful gradient… Background images should be exactly that : background...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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