BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Version 3.0.7

At least I have dealt with the GDPR stuff and at least started to secure my blog. Even if we little bloggers are not the target of the GDPR and have nothing to fear in itself, there are just things that are already long demanded and have been ignored by me so far with great dedication. Imprint addedPrivacy statement addedAdded cookie banner with opt-out possibility I’m not done yet, but...

Version 3.0.5

In the background, I’m working on a few enhancements, without much to touch the CSS. I’m testing a few technical improvements, but focused on content and form in this iteration.

Resolved category ‘Körper & Geist’ into BenAlitätenNew category – KritiKoNew subcategories for Logbuch – Randnotizen and ToolboxAdded cover-image for all articles

Version 3.0.4

I leave the CSS as it is for now. But I did some extension and cleaned up at the same time:

New category – Körper & GeistSubcategories added to the main menuRemoved redundant headlines

Version 3.0.3

I was quickly bored with the chosen theme and needed something else. And so I wasted too many hours searching for something that haunts me. It must be simple, modern, putting the texts in the foreground and yet it must follow a certain cleverness, an unobtrusive but coherent design. Every time I lose myself in this delusion to find the perfect theme, I hate it afterwards. What wasted lifetime...

Version 3.0.2

So it was then a little more than just adapting CSS. I have just spent hours trying to find a new, pretty WordPress theme that appeals to me. I do not really want to know how many hours I’ve spent on it. I am a very visual person who needs to feel comfortable with what he is doing. Nevertheless, I would like to be more pragmatic here. Actually, I was looking for something very simple...

Version 3.0.1

or: The lady with the black poodle. Because I can imagine that one or the other finds the image of the naked lady with the black poodle between her legs irritating, I would like to say a few words about it. The picture is taken from the movie Der große Bagarozy from 1999 with Corinna Harfouch and Til Schweiger in the lead roles. Til Schweiger plays here the devil himself, which is characterized...

Version 2.5.6

As I mentioned before, i tweaked the layout a little bit, basically reverse it into a light theme. But that won’t be all, there will be some changes to the navi and yes, the categories will be also changed again.

Updates :

light theme v.0.5intro textcategory headline fix

Version 2.5.5

Next BENSTAGE update and it’s pretty much the same, than the one before. Yes, i changed the categories again. I don’t know why I’m never satisfied with this. But then again, i look at it as a PM : Always improving, trying out new things. Also this need to be done to prepare the next, bigger update.

Updates :


Version 2.5.4

Next release of my beloved BENSTAGE. Once again – and surely not the last time – i played around with the categories. Boy, how much time I’ve invested (wasted) finding clever, meaningful names and order-systems, it i really ridiculous… And I’m not quite done yet, but for now it’s okay. Next will be the fitting backgrounds then… Updates :...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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