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Throne – Bring Me The Horizon

I really like this band, and I think that’s a pretty amazing song but I LOVE these kind of drum covers, can’t get enough of it: Remember the moment you left me alone andBroke every promise you ever madeI was an ocean, lost in the openNothing could take the pain away So you can throw me to the wolvesTomorrow I will come backLeader of the whole packBeat me black and blueEvery wound will...

in the dark – Bring Me The Horizon

The songs is okay but the video is spectacular. Not just because of Forest Whitaker (how cool ist that?), but also the rest. A beautiful piece of art. Oh, I’ve done it againDug a little deep, and it’s all caved inNow I free fall in a black holeI know I’m getting warm ’cause I feel so cold But I’m looking on the bright side nowTrying to figure out somehow (None of...

i apologise if you feel something – Bring Me The Horizon

A former metalcore band going pop. A tip of my brother. Not pop at all. So, I’m intrigued and listen to the past records right now. This one got stuck right away. I saw you staring out of your own abyss againWaiting for something you’re not sure even still existsDon’t be afraid to wonder, don’t be afraid to be scaredIt should never be a prison So I apologise if you feel...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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