BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Is was Doc.?

Nicht nur das ich versuche diesem Ort wieder ein wenig Leben einzuhauchen, auch habe ich mich entschlossen wieder Tagebuch zu führen. Das habe ich über die letzten Jahre immer mal begonnen und aufgehört, angefangen mit meinem ersten Blog welcher vor fast genau 15 Jahren das Licht der Welt erblickt hatte. Mein letzter Eintrag in meinem bisherigen Tagebuch ist vom Juli 2019. Im Nachhinein weiß ich...

Version 2.5.6

As I mentioned before, i tweaked the layout a little bit, basically reverse it into a light theme. But that won’t be all, there will be some changes to the navi and yes, the categories will be also changed again.

Updates :

light theme v.0.5intro textcategory headline fix

Version 2.5.5

Next BENSTAGE update and it’s pretty much the same, than the one before. Yes, i changed the categories again. I don’t know why I’m never satisfied with this. But then again, i look at it as a PM : Always improving, trying out new things. Also this need to be done to prepare the next, bigger update.

Updates :


Version 2.5.4

Next release of my beloved BENSTAGE. Once again – and surely not the last time – i played around with the categories. Boy, how much time I’ve invested (wasted) finding clever, meaningful names and order-systems, it i really ridiculous… And I’m not quite done yet, but for now it’s okay. Next will be the fitting backgrounds then… Updates :...

Version 2.5.3

I finally fucking did it. The next little update for my Stage. It’s ridiculous. Basically, i just wanted to add some images for the main categories. Task of just a few minutes, but it took me several days. I tested dozen of images, dozen of styles, full-color, blurry, black and white, just a little bit color, colorful gradient… Background images should be exactly that : background...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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