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Star Trek: Picard – Trailer

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel Picard was already brilliant, it basically let me fall in love with Trek all over again, but it keeps getting better. There is still so many things unclear, but we’re getting more and more what get’s a Trekkie hyped. Besides Data, Seven, the Borg and and and, it’s the Trois at this time at the end of trailer. Love to see them again, although I’m a bit pissed that they seem to be retired as well already. I’d love to see them on the bridge of the USS Titan, but let’s see …

I think what mostly excites me about this series is the fact that we finally move forwards again. Trek was always intended to show as the future. We now spent some years with the past of this future, time to move on. There is so much potential, so many characters we can meet again, so many interesting story arcs that can be unfold in this timeline. It seems that the first season for Picard follows a red thread, a closed storyline most likely. No one talks about a second season yet. From what we kn ow, at the beginning it was intended to be a one time only thing, but meanwhile its als advertised with Season One. So if this thing flies, and I can’t imagine it won’t be, there are so many possibilities.

One of the greatest things about Picard is bringing back the Borg as the ultimate villains. We know that Hugh will play a role, but of course it’s the return of Seven of Nine everyone is nuts about. No word about Chakotay or other Voyager characters though. Yet. I’m pretty sure, if this thing flies, we will see the Doctor at some point, Admiral Janeway for sure and maybe others.

I’m so keen to learn what happened after the breakdown of the Romulan Empire, if the Enterprise E still exist or another ship with the name and of course, what it was that drove Picard away from the Federation, the only life he ever knew. Everything looks brilliant and I’m super hyped. There is only one thing that pissed me off – the new uniforms: Why changing the elegant black and gray uniforms for these variation of jellybaby uniforms again? I don’t get it …

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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