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Star Trek Discovery

Curious, I finally wanted to write the article about Star Trek Discovery I’m thinking about since weeks, months really, when CBS dropped this nice little in production feature. Tempus fugit.

It is nice indeed, but it does not change anything for me yet. There is nothing, I’ve seen or heard about the new series so far, that gets me excited. Lowlight have been this early test-flight footage, released in July 2016:

I know of course it is based on a draft once done by the ingenious Ralph McQuarrie and it is just  draft, but it’s worse than every computer game designed in the last years. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What do we know?

  • Star Trek Discovery is set roughly ten years before the original series from 1967
  • It follows the original timeline, not the one changed by the Kelvin incident – how is that even possible?
  • It is set around an event what was already mentioned in Stat Treks history, but not yet explored anymore – most likely the war with the Romulans, I presume
  • It follows the events around the title-giving USS Discovery
  • Main character won’t be the Captain, but the Lt. Commander this time – a female main character
  • Like DS9, Star Trek Discovery is supposed to follow a common thread

While i can’t wait for Star Trek finally return to the small screen, I’m just sick and tired of prequels. Doing this on the big screen, worked fine and because Abrams universe is everything at once – reboot, remake, prequel and sequel – I’m fine with it and enjoying it a lot. But in general, Trek is not supposed to go back in time. It was always going forward. Roddenberry never looked back. When exploring his universe further, he was going several years into the future of the future he created. It’s about progress, about utopians. I know and understand why are they doing this – they want to re-create this feeling of departure, awakening. And I get that, but that’s not what Trek is about.

And even though it will done extremely well – and I sure it will be – prequels are always problematic. Especially set so shortly before a time we already know so well. Restaffing aside, telling stories near to a period we already know, will of course change things that have been established differently. Using the Kelvin timeline would have given the maker more freedom of course, but the chose not to which is curious.

Discovery is supposed to air this May. I’m curious, but somehow pessimistic. But of course, I want Discovery to be a success, otherwise it will ban Trek from TV another decade. Let’s hope for the best.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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