BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

Personal OKR Review – 03/2021

Here we are again with the monthly Personal OKR Review. Let’s see, what changed.

Improve my health and get better in maintaining it:1.88%

I even decreased my former progress here, as I re-gained the little weight I lost. Frustrating.

Live a life worth living by becoming a better person:59.10%

The move is still not completely done, with everything I had on my list around it, but almost. Rest is pretty dormant at the moment.

Rediscover my creative voice and find ways to express it:0%

Still no progress at all.

Invest in my education and broad my mind:19.50%

Still basically only reading progress.

Invest in my career by increasing my skills and visibality:9.79%

Still no progress with the heavy stuff.

All in all, not a good month with even some setbacks. Increase by around 5% to 18.05% now, where I should be at 25% if it would go even, but of course, that will not happen. I plan at least one, two things for April so let’s see how I can kick off Q2.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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