BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

Personal OKR Review – 02/2021

Like the years before, I also planned to work on my personal OKR’s in 2020 but then, well, you know what happened …

This something still keeps us busy but I still want to give it a try but this year, with a twist. Like described in the textbooks, I always defined quarterly OKRs for myself, like we also do it in my company. And I always wanted way too much, ambitious sure, more like insane.

So this year, I want to do it a bit differently. First of all, I defined OKRs for the whole year. Secondly, I tried to be a bit more realistic, also considering the current situation. And thirdly, I will share the current state at every end of the month. Of course, due to my move, missing internet I missed January, but from now on I will post this little review every month.

I defined five objectives with four key results each. I will not go into details about the key results though, but basically only share a high level update.

Improve my health and get better in maintaining it:3.21%

Not so much progress here, as I don’t really concentrate on this one so far.

Live a life worth living by becoming a better person:48.94%

Biggest thing here is to finally move into a new flat, which is almost done. Next thing should be to finally get a dog.

Rediscover my creative voice and find ways to express it:0%

I haven’t started this at all so far.

Invest in my education and broad my mind:11%

Except some reading, I haven’t really started doing something here.

Invest in my career by increasing my skills and visibality:6.67%

Some progress here, but also haven’t started with the heavy stuff yet.

Still pretty red. All in all I’m at 13.96%, which is not good of course. Then again the first two months of a year are more about surviving for me, than living, so I’m not too hard on myself yet.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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