BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

Personal OKR Review – 01/2022

I’ve started a new personal OKR cycle of course. Instead of five I know have six objectives, but still less key results I believe. Or at least, this set seems a bit more realistic to me. Last year I achieved not even 40%, so I hope this year I can double it. Let’s see.

I improve my health and get better maintaining it:14.51%

Not to bad for the first month, but the biggest thing is to lose some weight and that doesn’t look toi good right now.

I live a better, fulfilling and enjoyable life:8.13%

Here the biggest project will be to finally get a dog.

I slowly learn to make vacations:0%

That should be an easy one, but it’s not for me.

I become an aspiring writer:2.00%

A lot of things to do, but hardly any motivation right now.

I never stop learning:9.75%

I am more or less on my way, but still struggling with the most important point here.

I made the first steps towards becoming a entrepreneur:0%

This will stay at zero for the next months, as I do not plan to get busy with it before the second half of the year.

The first month was crap of course as I’m looking at a completion rate of only 5.73%, but there was also the Corona thing which was a bit of a setback. February is not going well, but I do hope to get some things done. Hope dies last.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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