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While we’re just a few hours or minutes away from the final STAR WARS trailer, let’s have a look at the poster which was released yesterday. HERE it’s presented by as a short clip.

I think it’s pretty straight forward, beautiful but not very surprising. Light and Dark, heroes and villains and of course no Luke Skywalker.

In fact, there are just two things surprising. First – the Death Star-ish super-weapon in the right corner and the title.

First, the super-weapon. So, one of the big “guns” we heard of is a planet-like weapon. Rings a bell huh? Or two? On the first sight, this sounds kinda boring. Two Death Stars haven’t worked so the “new” empire builds a new one? Three times is a charm? One could think so, but in the end, it’s not like the first Death Star hasn’t worked. It worked well, it just had a minor flaw. And it’s not like that these kind of regimes are very creative. But i don’t even think that this is the thing. I think, that’s not the bad-guy weapon, but Leia’s super-weapon…

Second, the title. Right until the last i hoped they will change the title again to STAR WARS – EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS. But they don’t – it’s just THE FORCE AWAKENS.

I was always sure to watch a STAR WARS movie in the big theater again at some point in my life. Of course, I’d never expected to see the Disney logo before the Lucasfilm logo, but okay. The STAR WARS universe is so rich, they had to made some more movies at some point. But I’d never dreamed of experience another Skywalker story. So, when they announced this new trilogy AND the spin-offs, i was sure this will be Episode movies. They have to. But now… I just don’t get it. You have this spin-offs, fine and dandy. But every story to carry on the Skywalker legacy (with fucking LUKE SKYWALKER in it) HAS TO BE an Episode movie. why is it not and why seems nobody to care?

I’ve read somewhere they changed it because they don’t want this to close connected to the prequel trilogy. Do they really thing we’re that stupid? EPISODe, that’s like a trademark on itself. I just don’t get it and i hate it…

Back to business. The post. With STAR WARS, every detail is important. The title, names of figures, story, design, music, who composed it and also the poster(s). They have to be painted and they have to follow a certain, old-fashioned style and this one does. It may sound a little bit disappointed, but i am absolutely not. I really like it. So far, not my favorite STAR WARS movie poster, but i would say second place.

And one thing i really love. Han and Leia. I really like the old Han, great crook this guy. So far, i was not so impressed by the old Leia (Carrie Fisher aged not so well as Harrison Ford to be honest), but here she looks really great. Very royal, yet tough. So, I’m ready for the trailer…

4/5 bens

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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