BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

Impressive. Most impressive.

Just after 17 days STAR WARS – The Force Awakens is with 1.512 Billion US Dollar the sixth most successful movie of all time. Impressive. Most impressive. It will surely beat number three (Jurassic World with 1.668 Billion US Dollar) in just a few more days. But number two and one are tricky.

I think now that it is possible for Episode VII to beat Titanic with 2.188 Billion US Dollar. Episode VII has not even started in China yet as far as i know. Not the biggest market, but nevertheless. So, 2.2 Billion is possible. But to beat Avatar, i don’t think so. 2.787 Billion, that just seems impossible.

Now, how much a movie makes at the box office, does not tells you something about the quality. Of course, it means that many, many people seems to like the movie. Word-of-mouth advertising is very well, most critics are happy, you hardly ever hear somebody complaining. But what i mean is, no matter if Episode VII will make 1.7 billion or 2.7, it does not make the movie better or worse. I’ve seen it now three times and i guess i will watch again at least one time again. Hmm, maybe tonight? Good idea.

But as a fan, I’m kinda relived that it is going so well. Imagine it would have been a great movie, but somehow “just” making 800 million at the box office. Critics would call it a flop, which would make it harder for the next movies. But then again, with such a string opening it will be very, very hard not just for the other two Episodes, but mostly for the stand-alone movies. Rogue One definitely will not have this kind of success. But what’s realistic there? When will it be a success and when will people call it a flop? Interesting times to be a STAR WARS fan.

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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