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Godzilla vs. King – Trailer #1

If there is one thing I’m missing – besides going to the movies itself of course, then that’s great trailer. Of course there had been a few the last past months, but Hollywood really came to an halt in the last months. My last trailer review was more than a year ago. Now, the first trailer for the long awaited confrontation of the two most famous monsters Godzilla vs. Kong is a great reason to come back.

It does not happen so often anymore that I scream at a trailer, but when Kong punches Gojira, I yelled YES!!!! There is not so much to say about the trailer. Either you get it or not. For Monster Movie fans this will be a 2 hour long orgasm, nothing less. After Godzilla II it will be interesting to learn why Gojira is the baddy now, but okay, one needs to be the asshole I assume.

One Will Fall claims the trailer. Well, if they follow the logic of the genre (please don’t!) it will be Gojira that will be smashed by Kong in the end, just to come back as an artificial Godzilla later. That was already teased a bit in the last one. But please, that’s too cheesy. Well, that’s a problem for future Ben, now I’m just looking forward to this feast.

Bewertung:5/5 Bens
Image : Warner Bros.

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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