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Die Känguru-Chroniken – Epic Teaser

Speaking of things I never thought really happening: All of a sudden, X-Verleih released the first teaser for The Kangaroo Chronicles. Surprising? Yes. I mean of course, the books have been super successful and successful books tend to be made into movies all the time, but then again, you have to do Kangaroo trilogy right, otherwise it really sucks. I don’t believe Marc-Uwe Kling would agree, unless he is really convinced they are able to do justice to his books. Then again, I don’t know how involved he really is …

I love these books, especially the audiobooks of course. I basically listen to them every night until falling asleep and I know huge parts by heart meanwhile. A movie can be super funny, but of course I wonder what parts will be in there and what not. So what will be the essence of the books in the end. Very existing. I’m really looking forward to this.

Not sure about Dimitrij Schaad as Marc-Uwe yet, but most important: The kangaroo doesn’t look to cheap or bad. Kling’s books are quite political, so they are perfect for this time. I really hope the first one will be a success so we also get the other ones.

Bewertung:4/5 Bens
Image : X-Verleih

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BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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