BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


ReduzierBen – Week #93

This morning I was sure to see the 105 or even 106 back. Reason is my non-low-carb nutrition over the last days when I was sick. I could not eat solid things and was eating a lot of Joghurts and even some ice against the sore throat. That had to have some consequences for sure. I definitely had, but what I totally ignored is the loss of muscle tissue. 101,6 kilo. First time under 102 since...

ReduzierBen – Week #91

Sport or not, there is always the day of truth with my scale. Also two weeks ago, when it showed me the 104,2 kilo again. A tie, does not happen that often. I don’t remember the week, so let’s check the week before this one.

FAT : 27.1 | BMI : 30.4

Der Dicke Wal 19/04

Here I come my ass … The last couple of weeks have been a desasters and it seems, I’m not quite done yet. But one by the other. A good week followed a mediocre one – two weeks ago. Just two activities, but more was just not possible. But it got worse after. I got sich and hat to cancel last and this week completely – and I’m not sure I will be able to do something...

Extreme Ways – Moby

I’m rewatching the Bourne movies right now and this is still a damn good song. Love Moby, great artist. Extreme ways are back againExtreme places I didn’t knowI broke everything new againEverything that I’d ownedI threw it out the windows, came alongExtreme ways I know move apart The colors of my seaPerfect color me Extreme ways that help meThat help me out late at nightExtreme...

ReduzierBen – Week #90

I was expecting the worst for this week. Was eating high-carb stuff due to traveling and weak mind. I was sure to see the 106 this morning. Instead, I lost some pounds – 0,7 kilo to be exact. So I’m back at 104,2 kilo. That’s nice and due to the discipline I was maintaining the last days. I was doing some research again, adding and removing stuff from my nutrition. Noting big...

Der Dicke Wal 19/03

Third week started pretty miserable, but I managed to turn it around (all on the weekend again) and made it a perfect result. Well, perfect … Both trainings haven’t been a full hour, but both have been tough, so I’m quite satisfied. I even feel a bit better. If I could keep this up, I know I can turn things around. I just need more discipline again. I can do this. Mr Body...

Spider-Man Far From Home – Teaser Trailer

And while we’re at it, of course there was also the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man – Far From Home, which will take place after the next Avenger. So we can assume, most of our beloved characters will be alive again – at least Peter and Nick Fury seems to be, while we can be pretty sure, Tony Stark won’t be. Anyway, this time the friendly spider form the neighbourhood...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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