BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Out Of The Dark – Falco

Giving me goosebumps every fucking time. Such a great song, such a great musician and diverse character. A fucking genius. Ich krieg von dir niemals genugDu bist in jedem AtemzugAlles dreht sich nur um dichwarum ausgerechnet ich?Zähl die Stunden, die Sekundendoch die Zeit scheint still zu steh’nHab mich geschunden, gewundenlaß mich gehen – was willst Du noch?Willst Du meine Tage...

Insight : Shouldhave

I should have taken vacation this first week of the year. I need to fix so mich stuff, but I don’t have the energy. I’m so behind and will need some couple of days to get this new year going like I want to.

Alien : Covenant – Trailer #1

Speaking about Ridley Scott and unique masterpieces. Next year the master will also return to the dark and scary universe he created with Alien, in the direct sequel to Prometheus and the maybe not so direct prequel to Alien, called Alien: Covenant, for which 20th Century Fox recently released the first trailer. What a long sentence, but all true. There is not much we learn about the story. Of...

Haltet Die Welt An – Glashaus

Talking about pain, this is my most favorite Glashaus song. Shot nearby my flat, talking about loss and pain. The question why the world just goes on like that, although this one person is missing… Seitdem do weg bist, ist so manches okayDafür, das es korrekt ist, tut es aber ganz schön wehIch bin wirklich gesegnet, hatte Glück undVieles ist super wie es ist bis auf die Lücke, die nicht...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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