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Der Dicke Wal 17/32

A proper week of physical training is behind the tempter one. Not perfect, but close to enough.

Aktivität #1 | Biking | 43:36 min | 12.38 km

Aktivität #2 | Training | 32:10 min

Aktivität #3 | Training | 30:25 min

Aktivität #4 | Biking | 40:57 min | 11.92 km

Aktivität #5 | Training | 34:46 min

FAT : xx | BMI : xx | Daily Biking : 48.31 km

Der Dicke Wal 17/31

Before Sunday, I still owe myself the whale of the week. Since I was traveling the weekend and I do most of my duty always weekends, the yield was rather mau but not a complete disaster.

Activity #1 | Training | 28:37 min

Activity #2 | Training | 34:22 min

FAT : xx | BMI : xx | Daily Biking : 49.29 km

Der Dicke Wal 17/30

The changing one is a bit behind, but owes himself not the sportive summary of the last week. Not really splendid, but fitting to the circumstances one is operating in right now.

Activity #1 | Training | 32:00 min

Activity #2 | Biking | 37:58 min | 11.40 km

Activity #3 | Biking | 46:44 min | 15.67 km

Activity #4 | Boxing | 15:00 min

FAT : xx | BMI : xx | Daily Biking : 39.54 km

Bleibt Alles Anders – Herbert Grönemeyer

Dedicated to the longing for the dance on the thin ice … Thron über Konvention Das Leben kommt von vorn Stehst unter einem hellen Stern Einem hellen Stern Verträum Dich in Deinem Traum Verlaß Dich auf Zeit und Raum Du gehörst zum festen Kern Trockne die Tränen Zieh Deine Kreise Der stille Weg Folg dem Sonnenaufgang leise Tanz den Tanz auf dünnem Eis Forder das große Gefühl Durchquer den...

Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel

To the darkness within me. Looking down on empty streets, all she can seeAre the dreams all made solidAre the dreams all made real All of the buildings, all of those carsWere once just a dreamIn somebody’s head She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steamShe pictures a soulWith no leak at the seam Lets take the boat outWait until darknessLet’s take the boat outWait until...

Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Washed in my timeline during the day. Still a great song from a simple time. At least, it feels like that. I keep on fallin’In and out of loveWith youSometimes I love yaSometimes you make me blueSometimes I feel goodAt times I feel usedLovin’ you darlin’Makes me so confused I keep on fallin’In and out of love with youI never loved someoneThe way that I love youOh, oh, I...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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