BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Insight : Patience

Everything at once is just not possible. Patience is a virtue and you can not always get through the wall with your stupid head. Clever sayings do not help, but they are clever because they are true. Some things take their time, bit by bit you get ahead, the main thing is not to stop.

Insight : Thank You!

It is a sublime feeling to be able to please others even by their mere existence or presence. It is a characteristic of true, deep connectedness, even after one has not seen or heard for a long time, which is still important and familiar to others. Nice to know you in my life. Thank you.

Insight : Navi

A Navi is really a fine thing! Especially for people like me, who hate to “prepare” for a trip and then like to get lost. Especially in areas that do not have much to do with civilization. Stupid only if the navi fails just because there is no GPS signal. Bummer.

Insight : Darkness

There is no light without shadows. Likewise, the shadow can not exist without the light. Both belong inseparably together. They are dependent on each other. But just because I am aware of the darkness inside of me and write about it without fear, it does not mean that I want to succumb to her. The dark should not dominate me. My existence would not be possible without the dark. Every creative...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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