BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Kinderlied – Knorkator

The punkrock-brother keeps digging out songs, I instantly fall in love with. Always thought of Knorkator mainly as a fun-band, like JBO. But it seems they have some more serious songs. Need to check out. Unsre Väter sind Versager,haben’s nie zu was gebracht,träumten stets vom großen Durchbruch,doch das ist nicht so einfach.Heute steh’n sie vor den Trümmernihrer schnöden...

Joker – Teaser Trailer

Besides EPISODE IX there have been other interesting trailer in the last week, pilling up really and I at least one to mention a few of them, starting with the first teaser for Joaquin Phoenix JOKER. The stand alone movie (not connected to the current DCEU) by Todd Phillips will tell a different story about the harlequin of hate. After Jack Nicholson needed to be thrown in acid to become the...

Star Wars Episode IX – Teaser Trailer

Disney used the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago to give us the first teaser trailer for Episode IX and within unveiled the title – RISE OF THE SKYLWALKER. This is a real disappointment to be honest and clearly a marketing concession in the attempt to get the fans back that are pissed by Rian Johnson killing off Luke Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI, like it already was to communicate Mark Hamill...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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