BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Insight : Lethargy

It is not so easy to formulate an insight every day. That would mean getting enlightened every day in some way. In the life I lead (for the time being), not very likely. Although Yoda says we are enlightened beings, in the end I am not a Jedi. And, moreover, the moments when the whole universe opens up to us through our understanding of our possibilities are so elusive and incomprehensible that...

Insight : Gray-Zone

Whenever there is not enough energy to decide for the dark or the light side, it’s swell to live in the gray-zone. Not something permanent, but a place where you can endure yourself. For some time at least.

Insight : Ties

I am simply too stupid to tie a tie. I have now tried 45 minutes with various instructions, graphics and videos (from the observer AND the first-person perspective) and I’ve failed miserably every time. I am too stupid. Biologically unable to get such a thing. “Pass the thick end in a semicircle around the thin end” – MY ASS!!! I am beginning to understand what is taking...

Insight : Mondays

Never underestimate the fucked-up-potential of a common Monday. Even if it starts completely harmless with headaches from hell in the middle if the night (this was SARCASM), everything can become worse. And it will be. Mondays, just not from this planet…

Insight : Boilermess

A cappuccino-boiler definitely needs water to fulfilling his job creating a delicious cappuccino. If you exclude this quite important component, first and foremost you get a burned, disgusting, smelly black mass which does not really have something in common with cappuccino plus a boiler that’s just not like it was before. Radical change of personality...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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