BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure


Blue Skies – Isa Broines

Goodbye, Commander. Blue skiesSmiling at meNothing but blue skiesDo I see BluebirdsSinging a songNothing but bluebirdsAll day long Never saw the sun shining so brightNever saw things going so rightNoticing the days hurrying byWhen you’re in love, my how they fly Blue daysAll of them goneNothing but blue skiesFrom now on I never saw the sun shining so brightNever saw things going oh-so...

Ich Bin Das Chaos – Judith Holofernes

Second time this is my song of the day. Just popped in my head today. Great song, great artist. She now started a podcast. I just have no podcast time left, can’t manage my normal consume anymore. And I still want the Helden back please … Hey, wo willst du hin?Wir sind doch FreundeDu und ichWir sind doch FreundeOder nicht?KommKomm Wo willst du hin?Ich bringe Geschenke mitBring ich...

Was Ich Liebe – Rammstein

Acceptable live version for one of my favourite songs from the latest long player. I love how Till can approach also beautiful things in a dark manor. Not sure if it’s the right time to promote a Rammstein song as my song of the day while Till is heavily criticised for a rather old poem where he described basically a rapist from the first-person perspective … My 2ct’s –...

The Man Who Sold The World – Nirvana

Every time I see images from that time, I keep thinking “what a beautiful, broken soul …” I remember it was weird for me when I turned 28, getting older than Kurt ever got. That’s already seven years ago now … This cover by David Bowie was always one of my favorites. The whole Unplugged session is pure magic. Still dearly missed. We passed upon the stairWe spoke of...

Shrinking Universe – Muse

Just popped in my head. Every similarity with the current situation is highly coincidentally … Cast your eye tears on to meAnd I’ll show you what you really needGive too much attentionAnd I’ll reflect your imperfectionsCan’t you see it’s overBecause you’re the god of a shrinking universe Purposeless survivalNow there’s nothing left to die forSo...

Juli – Moses Pelham

Yesterday I should have enjoyed another concert by Moses Pelham, but obviously that was cancelled – postponed really until next year. Sad, but the right call of course. I enjoy the latest record called EMUNA. This is a usual one, a cover by an artist / band called TEX – I never heard of before. I like the original, but the cover even more. Moses is getting more and more into the...

BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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