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Alien : Covenant – Trailer #1

Speaking about Ridley Scott and unique masterpieces. Next year the master will also return to the dark and scary universe he created with Alien, in the direct sequel to Prometheus and the maybe not so direct prequel to Alien, called Alien: Covenant, for which 20th Century Fox recently released the first trailer. What a long sentence, but all true.

There is not much we learn about the story. Of course there is a new star-ship – the title giving Covenant – and of course the crew will somehow encounter our lovely aliens which then will do there best to minimize the crew in an artistic yet cruel-some way. So far, so Alien Part 1.

The interesting part will be the somehow and what part exactly David (Michael Fassbender) plays in this and what happened to Elisabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) who at the end of Prometheus started to find the planet of the constructors. Rapace is supposed to reprice her roll as Elisabeth Shaw at least for a little cameo by all accounts.

Although there will be most likely another part, I do hope to get some answers especially regarding Prometheus, to shad some (different) light to this odd but beautiful movie.

Regarding Covenant, it all looks superb but it is really the question, what should happen here, what hasn’t happened in the first Alien yet. What new angle can Scott show us and – can he once more shock us like he did with Alien?

I’m excited but also a little bit skeptical. I’m 100% sure Scott will once more deliver a beautiful movie, but after Prometheus we need a better story, more sense to it.

4/5 bens

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By Ben
BENSTAGE 19.1 Next Level Failure

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